Zoo Night Plot

George has taken an interest in the live video of the new panda cub on the zoo website. When The Man with the Yellow Hat tells him he can go to the zoo & see the panda in person, George rushes out the door. At the zoo, George uses a map to find the panda, but after watching him into the night, he decides to leave before the zoo closes. Unfortunately, the zoo closes before George can leave. He tried to go from tree to tree but he went into rhinoceros exhibit in which the rhinoceros chases him & knocks him to the corner where the door opens & he goes inside the zoo office & he found the keys & has to unlock the door that will get him out. He unlocks every door he can find & inadvertently lets out every animal & must now find where they all were & return them there.

Charkie Escapes Plot

George's trying to get up his game & practice soccer, but Steve & Betsy's Aunt Margret says he must dogsit their dog Charkie. Charkie's very wild & playful & does anything she can to run away from the back alley where George's trying to practice. It seems like every time George has an exit covered, Charkie find another way out. George has to find a way to get her to calm down & sit.


  • George accidentally gets locked in the zoo overnight.
  • Zoo night was on the cover of a dvd release 3 years after the airing of the episode.

Zoo Night Gallery

Charkie Escapes Gallery

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