Hello fans of curious george and I have this to say,curious george has jumped the shark!! For those who don't know what jump the shark is,here is an explaination

Refers to the specific moment when a TV show goes downhill. From the Happy Days episode where Fonzie overcomes his fear of sharks by jumping over one while wearing water skis. Okay you already know why my favorite monkey has jumped the shark oh ,and there are no sharks involved in this either

Its the episode titled jungle gym is why this show jumped the shark and don't go throwing things at me either

George sees a cricket at the annual country gymnastics competition he decides to follow it across the gymnastics obstacles because, being a monkey, he's very good at jumping & swinging. When Mrs. Somersault the area gym teacher sees George, she decides to sign George & Allie up for her gym class, which Bill also agrees to join. While they all enjoy her gym class, they're disappointed to find out that it only takes place once a week. So, they decide to build a gym of their own in the back yard of the country house, where they can practice when it's not gym class day.

At the course of the episode we see the problem is bill and its easy to see why

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I can't believe they'd take someone who is a paperboy and loves kite flying and petting bunnies and make him wear a blue spandex uniform during gymnastics ,I liked it better when he wore a mummy costume in curious george goes to a costume party ,why,why,WHY did they do that,what's next,Hundley racing in the wiener nationals????

For me this is why curious george jumped the shark thank you and goodnight