Up A Tree Plot

Where can you paint on the walls & butter corn with your feet? Not in the country house! George sets out to build a tree house where he can set his own rules, but along the way he accidentally steals Mr. Quint's nails & Ms. Renkins' scrap wood. And in George's house the rules are that you have to paint on the walls & butter corn with your feet.

Curious George & the Trash Plot

The Man's trying to get ready for his photo on his new license but when George tries to help, the ensuing chaos ruins the Man's hat! The hat's cleaned & restored like new & the Man puts it on the kitchen counter right next to an identical looking box of trash. In a rush, George accidentally throws out the box with the hat & must go on a city-wide spree to find it. Unfortunately it seems like every trash can & dumpster in the city George finds has already been emptied by the garbage truck. George finds some disposed items at Pisghetti's Restaurant but Chef Pisghetti tells him that it's not trash, it's recycling. He tells George to go look for the hat in the landfill.



  • Up A Tree: Referenced from the episodes of the same name from Garfield & Friends & The Garfield Show

Up A Tree Gallery

Curious George & the Trash Gallery

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