The Truth About George Burgers Plot

Chef Pisghetti has come up with a new recipe for Giardino Burgers-hamburgers containing no meat. He trusts George to take a box of prepared burgers out to his truck to get sent to the annual firefighter's picnic but George accidentally puts them on the wrong truck. Having lost the burgers George recalls that the chef's recipe was all pictures. He finds the notepad where the chef had drawn everything & finds the recipe for the burgers. Or is it the Chef's plan to expand his rooftop garden?

Curious George in the Dark Plot

George's playing with his ball in the country when he winds up losing it in a dark cave. He goes inside to look for it & gets scared by what he sees as monsters in the cave. Seeing that the same kinds of monsters are in his room, George becomes scared of the dark until The Man with the Yellow Hat tells him that the "monsters" are just the same objects as they're in the light & gives him a nightlight. But then a big bad thunderstorm knocks out the power to the country house making him sacred again. Remembering what The Man said, George goes back to the cave with his trusty flashlight & Jumpy Squirrel to find out if the monsters really are monsters.



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