The Apartment's a significant location in The City.


The apartment's located on 7 "N" Avenue located in The City. It's near Endless Park & has luxurious apartments in the building. Across the alley is another building with a doorwoman, Lydia, who rivals him in contests for the cleanest buildings, who has a pet cat.


The Apartment's home to The Doorman, Hundley, George, The Man With the Yellow Hat, Mr. Zoobel, an old lady, & several mothers with babies.


  • In 1 episode, George & Hundley lock themselves out of the side of the building, & instead of going around to the front, they somehow go to the back & lose their way in the city.
  • In some seasons, George & The Man live on the 3rd floor, while in others, it's the 5th.

The Apartment Gallery

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