Title Card of The All Animal Recycled Band

Title Card of The All Animal Recycled Band

The All Animal Recycled Band Plot

The Man with the Yellow Hat has a hobby playing the tuba in Rescue Squad 86's firehouse band. George becomes excited at the thought of a band, but the Man won't let George play his tuba. George then decides to make his own instruments & that his animal friends will be the 1's playing them. The only problem's that his animal friends seem to get distracted too easily & after causing a loud racket on the roof of the apartment building where they are practicing, someone calls the fire department.

Title Card of The Times Of Sand

Title Card Of The Times Of Sand

The Times of Sand Plot

George loves the country house. But sometimes he wishes he could live in something else, like a country castle. When The Man offers to take him to the beach to build sand castles, George decides to try to build the world's biggest sand castle. At the beach, they run into Bill & Mother Rabbit who loves to burrow. George has trouble building his sand castle because the sand doesn't want to hold together. Later, Bill tells him that only the wet sand down by the water's good for building. George tries building by the water but his sand winds up being washed away by the tide. Later, The Man tells George how to get good wet sand away from the water & he along with George, Bill, & Mother Rabbit work on the world's biggest sand castle.



Running Gags

  • Rescue Squad 86 getting weird calls.

The All Animal Recycled Band Gallery

The Times of Sand Gallery

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