Ted Shackleford (Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue) quotes page 1

-(humming a tune while in the shower)
Curious George & Ted (Friends 4-Ever)

-Huh? (he realized George had a little sad face)

-(thoughts:) Oh, buddy...

-Hey, George. Don't worry. I'm sure Maggie will be return tonight for our family din...

-(slipped on a bar of soap) whoa! (shouts) *SPLASH!"

-I'm so sorry, buddy...(chuckle)

-*splash!* George, you little rascal! (laughs) George, cut it out! I'm completely soaked! *splash!*

-Whoa, George! Use the towel.

-Be all clean and fluffy for our family dinner night, okay?

-Oh yeah, George! Excuse me. Almost forgot, tomorrow I will tell you about after 12 days countdown... it's a very special education.

-You'll find out soon enough. Promise.

-Be ready on time for dinner, George, okay?

-That's my monkey.

-(giggling:) Todo! Todo! Todo!

-(laughing joyfulness)

-Oh. Hi Maggie.

-Oh, you did? That's my big boy! I'm very proud of you.

-Hi, my little Daphne Shackleford. How's your kindergarten going?

-That's great, sweetheart! Come my dream family, it's movie night time!

(NEXT DAY...on a twelfth day) -(humming a tune while combing his hair)

-Oh, Good Morning! Hey, Troy, do you know what's coming after 12 days?

-Not quite. (getting excited) But what I mean is that....MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING! (laughs) I'm gonna be 32 years old soon! But right now, I'm 31, and make that 11 days 'til my birthday.

-I wonder what we'll do after 12 days during my birth-.

-Oh boy, time to wake up my little monkey! I'll be right back.

-Psst! (whispering) George...wake up, my little monkey boy.

-Oh, come on, George. (turning Sleeping George in front in the bed) *grunts*


-(Loudly) George! Buddy! Wake up! (chuckling)

-Good Morning, buddy.

-Did you sleep okay?

-That's good. Come on and have breakfast with us. I made pancakes and waffles for everyone, even you, buddy. 

-Ooh! (whispering:) you go ahead, buddy. But first, let me wake up your little sister.

-(gentle:) Good Morning, my princess...

-Did you have a good sleep?

-That's good. Hey, since your mother is out to work already, how 'bout I can help you get ready? I made pancakes and waffles for breakfast today.

-(whistling while brushing Daphne's hair) look beautiful, just like your mother, my princess.

-Of course they do, sweetie. Every kid, especially you and Troy, has a different hobbies that they liked. I know I have.

-Uh-huh. Evening me, your father. We'll disgusted more much later, now who's ready to have breakfast?

-Care for a little maple syrup, perhaps?

-Here you are. (chuckling)

-How's your breakfast, my well-behaved children?

-I'm not sure justjust yet, sweetie, but I'll let you know soon. I promise.

(AFTER BREAKFAST LATER....) -Hey, you know something else, guys?

-That I'm really lucky to have you kids-and Gerald, as my dream well-behaved children.

-I just married to your mother years ago after George completed his mission.

-A space-African-kinda fun mission...

-I might have been a little stubborn, sassy, bossy and being misunderstanding at your monkey brother 18 years ago when I first met him, but we still have our own buddyship, even you kids.

-and I was gone crazy and freaked out when I got trapped with a circus blue elephant in the boxcart of California Express, I almost got arrested by Danno Wolfe the retired head strong security, and I even whimpered when Seymour, Naja's gorilla guardian, in Central Africa, roars and scares the shorts out of me. And the worst of all, I even called your brother... "Bad", during the mission.

-It's not your fault, children. Neither your mother, nor Gerald. It was me who been misunderstanding too much years ago.

-I wish I could have tell you, kids the whole story of how me and George start.

-Aww...I love you too, guys. And of course, you George.

-(gasp and exclaiming) *THUD!* Kids! George! Wha-What are you...?! Oh! (laughing) Guys! Nooo! Please stop that, tha...that tickles!

-(laughs) No, not there! Oh my God, that's my tickle spot! Please stop! I've been tickled to death *laughs* by my own children and my monkey!

-(laughs) Children, George, enough! Oh no, please, not my legs and my feet! (laughs) Gerald, Help me!

-Okay, Okay! (laughs) I give up! I give up! Uncle, Uncle! (laughs breathlessly) Okay, okay, okay....You guys win... I surrender...

-(breathlessly chuckles) Wha...what?

-Oh, Hi, Maggie...

-Well...our children and my monkey got me down in a tickle fight, and I almost brimmed my tears out.

-I agree with your mother. In fact, there's more fun outside than just be inside. And forgotten to mentioned is that you two might accidentally break something.

-That's my good little children... Ooh! And my well-behaved little monkey. Come on.

(To be continued....)

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