Season 2 has 20 episodes that aired from September 3, 2007 to April 22, 2008.


  1. Up, Up & Away/Skunked
  2. Monkey Underground/Cat Mother
  3. Up A Tree/Curious George & the Trash
  4. Curious George Gets All Keyed Up/Gutter Monkey
  5. Grease Monkeys in Space/Piñata Vision
  6. All-New Hundley/Signs Up
  7. Color Me Monkey/Special Delivery Monkey
  8. Free Hundley/Bag Monkey
  9. Monkey Stagehand/The Magic Garden
  10. Curious George, Plumber's Helper/Curious George Takes a Hike
  11. The Fully Automatic Fun Hat/Creatures of the Night
  12. Scaredy Dog/Say Goodnight, George
  13. A Bridge too Farm/Monkey Fever
  14. Curious George, Spy Monkey/Castle Keep
  15. Robot Monkey Hullabaloo/Curious George and the Slithery Day
  16. Curious George, Web Master/The Big Sleepy
  17. Curious George Sinks the Pirates/This Little Piggy
  18. King Doggie/The Lucky Cap
  19. Curious George, Sea Monkey/Old McGeorgie Had a Farm
  20. Curious George Beats the Band/Hats & a Hole

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