Scarlet Louie is Daphne Shackleford's school bully, but now a good friend, who is in the 12th grade school. At first, Scarlet bullied the other well behaved students and being greedy and bossy, but now with Daphne's kindness, love and caring, her school bully attitude had changed and apologizes to everyone including the kids, teachers, principals and even her parents for her actions and joins Daphne as a good polite friend (just like Sunset Shimmer in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls), and she adores alot of different
Curious George Season 10 character release- Scarlet Louie (fully body)
celebrations especially Ted Shacklefoird 32nd birthday.

She is voiced by Kamuzi Evans, and she will appeared in Curious George 4 soon!

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