Relax! Plot

George & The Man find out Professor Wiseman has a busy day & get confused of everything. Then they make a suggestion to relax. They go & feed the ducks & have a picnic, but the Professor solves all the problems & The Man says to stop meaning to relax the whole time.

The Box & the Hound Plot

Steve & Betsy's Aunt has a new package that's supposed to be delivered. When it arrives, she tells George to keep it safe from Charkie, because the package's fragile, or easy to break. When Charkie can't seem to stay away from the box, George gets the idea to disguise the box as something else.


  • The Box & the Hound: "The Box & the Hound" is a title parody of "The Fox & the Hound".

Relax! Gallery

The Box & the Hound Gallery

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