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Professor Wiseman
Prof. Wiseman in her typical lab coat
First appearance From Scratch
Voice by Rolonda Watts
Curious Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Race/Origin American, likely with Indian ancestry
Home The City
Occupation Researcher and administrator at the Museum
Hobbies None (workaholic)
Allies The Man, George

Professor Marie Katherine Wiseman is a museum scientist in the TV series of Curious George.  She works in both research and administrative capacities.  Her intelligent colleagues include Professor Einstein and Professor Anthony Pizza.  Prof. Wiseman is a motherly figure to George and a close friend with the Man.


  • She's a workaholic.
  • She learned how to run when Pizza and Einstein forced her to run a race or else they wouldn't sponsor it.
    • George was her running mentor.
  • She took George to a dog show.
  • Chef Pisghetti and Netti taught her how to cook.
    • Before learning how to properly cook, her cake glued George's mouth shut, only to be "revived" by Betsy.
  • The Man gave her a CD for her birthday; George gave her a peeled clemantine glued to a banana peel.
  • She taught George how to make a metal detector from a calculator a radio and tape.
  • She knows when George is down or sad from his tone of monkey sounds.
  • The Man often works with her when there's a crisis at the museum.
  • She is the Man's possible crush.


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