Mother's Day Surprise Plot

It's nearing Mother's Day in the city & Marco decides that he should throw his mom a fiesta complete with a homemade piñata. He & George try to build 1 out of papier-mâché but Marco forgets it takes days for it to dry. Then George decides that they can build 1 out of empty food containers. But Marco & George have trouble trying to get a piñata that's shaped like a donkey.

Jungle Gym Plot

When George sees a cricket at the annual country gymnastics competition he decides to follow it across the gymnastics obstacles because, being a monkey, he's very good at jumping & swinging. When Mrs. Somersault the area gym teacher sees George, she decides to sign George & Allie up for her gym class, which Bill also agrees to join. While they all enjoy her gym class, they're disappointed to find out that it only takes place once a week. So, they decide to build a gym of their own in the back yard of the country house, where they can practice when it's not gym class day.


  • Allie can only count to 10. If she counts higher than 10, she says "1 more than 10", "2 more than 10", etc.

Mother's Day Surprise Gallery

Jungle Gym Gallery

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