Monkey Underground Plot

The Renkins' are having a problem with their grape yard. A group of gophers have made their home in the ground under the garden & are stealing the grapes. Upset with the problem, Mr. Renkins calls Calhoun the Gopher-getter, an exterminator, to come & catch the gophers. George doesn't like the idea of somebody catching the innocent gophers, even if he does plan to release them again. So he decides to build a connecting tunnel between his house & the Renkins' garden so the gophers can escape.

Cat Mother Plot

George has another job in the city. He has to take care of Professor Wiseman's new kitten, Lucky for a day. Lucky appears to have a crush on Hundley, which is unfortunate because Hundley's allergic to cats. When the Doorman tells George to keep Lucky away, he decides to build a version of Hundley which won't make Lucky sneeze. When things don't work out, George decides to use something of Hundley's, making him mad. When Lucky hears Hundley barking through the air vent, she goes inside the walls of the apartment to try to find him.


  • It's revealed that Hundley's allergic to cats.


  • Sonic Underground: "Monkey Underground" makes a reference to the 1999 Sonic The Hedgehog TV show.

Monkey Underground Gallery

Cat Mother Gallery

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