Monkey Stagehand Plot

It's time for the annual country talent show. After hearing the Man with the Yellow Hat's frog impressions, Bill decides to sign him up. But the problem's that The Man has stage fright. Bill also shows George the system of ropes & pulleys that control the flat scenery as well as the curtain on stage. He also shows George the trap doors on the stage used to drop props below the stage. After Bill disappears & a skunk appears on stage, it's up to George to keep the show going.

Monkey Stagehand Gallery



The Magic Garden Plot

The Pisghetti's have a problem, they don't have as many fresh vegetables for their dishes. When they decide to investigate why, they show George & The Man their rooftop garden, where they plant & grow all of their vegetables, on the roof of their restaurant's building. Chef Pisghetti discovers weeds growing in the garden & explains to George how they use of all of the nutrients in the soil so there's none left for their vegetables. After hearing the story of "The Elves & the Shoemaker" he decides to do some secret elf work of his own & weed the garden. But in the process he pulls everything green out of the garden & throws it away, including the vegetables. Luckily the chef has seeds, but George has the fully-grown vegetables at home & is willing to bury them.


The Magic Garden Gallery