Monkey Down Under Plot

G'Day, Mate! George & The Man with the Yellow Hat head to the land down under for an Australian Outback Safari Adventure. While the Man goes sea cow sightseeing, George stays behind to investigate the creature leaving a set of giant footprints in the sand. Could it be a mysterious hopping clown rabbit?

Bright Lights, Little Monkey Plot

George, Allie, & Bill go on a late-night picture taking expedition of a mysterious nocturnal creature. But taking pictures in the dark's hard enough without having to worry about making noise to scare away their camera-shy cohorts. They'll need a new way to a flash.


  • This is the Season 7 Premiere.


Running Gags

  • The Man losing his hat to Australian animals.
  • Allie saying Perseids as "Pursieds", or "Percieds".

Monkey Down Under Gallery

Bright Lights, Little Monkey Gallery

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