Monkey-Size Me Plot

It's The Man with the Yellow Hat's birthday & George wants to throw him a surprise party. The Doorman tells him what he needs to throw a good party, which includes cake, decorations, & friends. But George picks the wrong sizes for everything which leads to disaster. Then George has a dream about what the world would be like it if were monkey-size & decides that in a people-sized world, it's simply a matter of measuring to find the right size.

(George is planning Ted's 32nd birthday yet again in Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue! along with Maggie, Troy, Daphne and Gerald.)

Metal Detective Plot

George & the Man are staying at Professor Wiseman's beach house & George has his favorite toy: Yorbo the Robot. But after taking it outside, it gets buried under the sand in a sudden thunderstorm & George wants to find it. He has trouble trying to find it on the huge beach, until a lady comes & shows him a metal detector. But when George can't use hers anymore, Professor Wiseman shows him how to make 1 out of an FM Radio & a calculator.


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