Curious George Season 10 character release- Martha Rey (full body)

Martha Michelle Rey is a 12 year old young girl (brand new animated character), who's honoring her late parents, Hans Augusto Rey & Margret Rey, and just moved from Hamburg, Germany to New York, Chicago with her filthy-rich-kind-hearted young-suitor grandmother, Elizabeth Rey in a glittering mansion.

Although she might been have shy before, but when she first met George (the chimpanzee) while taking her puppy Lil' Hundley out for a walk, she befriends with him and gets to meets his monkey parent, The Man in the Yellow Hat (which is Ted Shackleford) for the first time in her life.

She is also apart of the Yellow Fun-time Fan-Club member.

Her favorite activities was drawing, sketching, music, singing, reading books, learning new things, making new friends, dancing and having fun (including worm racing and swimming).

And she goes to same school as her classmates: DaphneAllieDaisyTroyStaciVanessa, Mary Jane, Anna, and Scarlet, only during school days.

Her voice was portrayed by Ariel Winter, and she will first time appear with her grandmother in Curious George (Season 10).

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