Marco is a Hispanic boy who lives in The Puerto Del Sol district, a Mexican neighborhood in The City, he & his family play Spanish music anywhere. He speaks Spanish because he is Mexican. DUH! They play mariachi music and doo-wops! They played doo wop under the street lamps. If you don’t know what doo wops are then google it kids now! He grows up to be a rockstar, wrestler, and an Actor! Make sure you emphasize on the tor in Actor. What a Triple Threat! He has it all wish I was him! Find me a genie now I must wish to be inside of him. Pops I worded that inappropriately!

Physical Appearance


  • His first appearance was "George & Marco Sound It Out".
  • His first cameo appearance was "George's Super Subway Adventure".
  • His latest appearance was George's Curious Dragon Dance".
  • His latest cameo appearance was "Curious George Goes for 100".

Episode Appearance