Man with the Monkey Hands Plot

The Man with the Yellow Hat has an allergic reaction to Poison Ivy while testing Professor Wiseman's new invention, making his hands unusable for 3 weeks! During that time, George attaches various utensils to the man's hands to help him do things until they heal. When the man discovers that he has to do a video conference rather than simply a conference call with important scientists who wish to patent Professor Wiseman's new invention, George uses his hands to demonstrate the invention.

Whistlepig Wednesday Plot

A holiday created by Mr. Glass known as Whistlepig Wednesday's approaching. On that day, Mr. Glass's whistlepig (the locals word for a Groundhog) comes up to see her shadow. If she sees it, it means the start of the winter season. Trying to figure out how a shadow could affect the weather, George goes to watch the whistlepig, but he gets there early & falls asleep, causing Mr. Glass to mistake George's shadow with that of the Whistlepig.


  • No one knew where Compass came from.
  • In order, Mr. Glass grabs Hundley, then Gnocchi, then Compass for some reason.

Man with the Monkey Hands Gallery

Whistlepig Wednesday Gallery

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