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Maggie Dunlop
Maggie Dunlop is Ted Shackleford's girlfriend/ beloved wife in two movies "Curious George (2006)" and "Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey!"

She did not make any appearances in "Curious George (TV series)" and "Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle", but she will be returned again in the fourth film.

Maggie Dunlop is a sharp, independent, kind-hearted, lovely, loyalty, seemingly omniscient and beautiful school teacher who sometimes came visit in the Bloomsberry Museum with her school students each school days on the field trip.

  • She is not mostly like Junior Bloomsberry and Danno Wolfe, she almost have the same personatily as Ted's, but mostly herself much.
  • Ted had a dream in Curious George A Very Monkey Christmas, that he was married to a woman in the yellow hat.
Her voice was portrayed by Drew Barrymore, then later Nicki Bryar

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