Maggie Dunlop is Ted Shackleford's girlfriend/ beloved wife in
Curious George- Maggie Dunlop (recolored)
two movies "Curious George (2006)" and "Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!"

She did not make any appearances in "Curious George (TV series)" and "Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle", but she will be return again in Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue, 2018 upcoming series of Curious George, Curious George and the Golden Meatball (2018 film) and Curious George 5: The Hurricane. Maggie is a sharp, independent, kind-hearted, lovely, loyalty, seemingly omniscient and beautiful school teacher who sometimes came visit in the Bloomsberry Museum with her school students each school days on the field trip, and was very sweet to Ted, The Man in the Yellow Hat, and, as the supervising animator, Mr. Pomeroy was involved in the design of the character. She was created by a handsome lead animator John Pomeroy.

  • Maggie will be married to Ted as his beloved mother in Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue.
  • She is mostly doesn't like Junior Bloomsberry and Danno Wolfe.
  • Ted had a dream in Curious George A Very Monkey Christmas, that he was married to another woman in the yellow hat.
  • She kindly befriends first time with Professor Wiseman and Dr. Naja Kulinda in A Birthday Rescue.

Her voice was portrayed by Drew Barrymore, then later Nicki Bryar and later Idina Menzel (from Disney's Enchanted and Frozen).

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