"Good husband." ~ Maggie, as a ghost-spirit with Lord God as she begins to disappear back to heaven, telling a tear-brimmed Ted good luck.

Maggie "Margret" Dunlop is Ted's girlfriend/ late wife and adopted mother of Troy, Daphne and Gerald, who appeared in two films "Curious George (2006)" and "Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!"', but however, she didn't make any her appearances in "Curious George (TV series)" and "Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle" (because unseeingly she was on her business trip throughout the original series and the third prequel).

Maggie is a sharp, independent, kind-hearted, lovely, loyalty, caring, seemingly, omniscient, motherly and beautiful school teacher who sometimes came visit in the Bloomsberry Museum with her school students each school days on the field trip, and was very sweet to Ted (aka The Man in the Yellow Hat) and, as the supervising animator, Mr. Pomeroy was involved in the design of the character.

She was created by a handsome lead animator John Pomeroy.

But back home in 2017, it was announced that she won't be reappear in Curious George 4: Ted's Great Adventure, Curious George Season 10 or the other upcoming films because she passed away from her heart disease (

However, she will make her final appearance in "Curious George: Ted's Middle Beginning".