Ted,Betsy and Steve's Western Ancestors

They are the western ancestors of Ted,Betsy and Steve just like their modern selves they are voiced by Jeff Bennett,Grey Delisle And E.G.Daily! WOW this is a big one okay!;) These hillbillies, which are a part of a hillbilly family are the first AMERICANS in American History to do invest. Kids if you don’t know what that word means use a google dictionary. The made a ground breaking discovery. Bravo! They are from an American State called Alabama. Ted loves it he truly does! Him and Steel Steve are lovers. They broke it up to their family over Thanksgiving Dinner. Here’s the story: it was time to cut the turkey open and let out the stuffing. Ted being the head of the family volunteered. “I daen toodily shall do it Fam!” “Okay”said his wife and mom! “A toast” said Steve. “Sit down Steve I haven’t even plot open this dang Turk!” “NO father it is time to do this”! “Oh my” “Father and I are lovers” Steve sighed and Gasped! The whole family gasped but the. They were happy! They squared Dance and played twister which Ted and Steve REALLY enjoyed! Bravo to them! But then Grandma was so happy she dies of a stroke. Another thing to be thankful for!