Lucky The Kitten

Lucky is Professor Wiseman's kitten, introduced in season 2. She likes Hundley, although Hundley is allergic to her. Lucky the Kitten’s mostest biggest humongous dream is to be the first mother of a inter species baby. This is why she pursues Hundley. She wishes for her baby to be a Weiner and Kitten mix. Kind of like a Liger or Tion, or however the heck you fool want to call it. (Side note) If we want to get real here for a second this dream sounds completely impossible. I’d hate to be the one to break it to her but it is. Sorry Luck. Oh don’t cry sweet heart, please don’t. I am only saving you from creating a monstrous ambition of a living thing. It simply isn’t meant to be. Think about it. Your kitten or pup or Pitten or Kup or Cog or Dat could be born with disabilities or it can be born deformed. It simply isn’t meant to be. SORRY! SORRY! SORRY! I am simply trying to save you from creating another Blob fish or another Pig Humanoid. DONT LISTEN TO HIM! KIDS I NEED YOU TO LISTEN, I MEAN READ WHAT I AM SAYING, I MEAN READ WHAT I AM TYPING! PLEASE THIS IS IMPORTANT! READY? #FollowYoDreamsK? Ok? GOOD! Now another side note::::: Lucky the Kitten is an accidental murderer. She indirectly caused Hundley’s death by being around him all the time. His allergies towards her killed him. Bummer BOOMER!