Lily's a girl who appears in "George's Curious Dragon Dance". She is the daughter of the dragon! This means her dad was a dragon and her mother was a human female. Luckily for her she got he mother’s looks! Her father is currently not with her for he has gone to war in a galaxy too far away. I swore that he would retun to her alive and well on her 15th birthday! She is now living in the city with her mother and her step father Bob. She hates bob because he is ordinary! Her dad is way cooler but ironically he is hotter. Hahahaha get it? She is a skilled martial artist just like dad and can breathe fire. She is yet to learn how to fly. Her father will teach her on her 15th birthday. On each birthday she evolves, meaning she grows a little. She does this by shedding and transformation is painful. This is why they celebrate her birthday a week after. She also misses school and stays indoors on her birth week. She may grow to be 10ft tall and a strong as her dad. But luckily she has her mothers’s looks.

Physical Appearance

Lily has long, black hair in 2 ponytails held by 2 black scrunchies. She wears a bright pink short-sleeved shirt with a sky blue flower on it, white pants, yellow socks, & cyan-&-white shoes.


  • She is friends with Marco & George.
  • Her only appearance was in "George's Curious Dragon Dance".