Junky Monkey Plot

It's Pretty City Day in the Big City. George's a member of Steve's pod, a group of people that will help clean up the city, & his group has been assigned to clean up George's street! The winner gets their face on a poster. George begins his work cleaning the city but a lot of the things he sees being thrown out are amazing, too amazing to put in the trash. When he decides to bring those things home, he winds up with more keepsakes than trash! That's when The Man With the Yellow Hat explains that a collection's made up of things that are related or the same, like his collection of pig sculptures. Now George has to decide what to keep & what kinds of the same things to keep.

Jumpy Warms Up Plot


It's a record-setting winter in the country-one of the coldest in recent years! Even Jumpy, normally an outdoor animal has to find refuge in George & The Man's Country House. The Man himself finds though, that the country house seems to be extra cold. He then finds that the house has several small holes in the walls, & others areas where cold air, & the occasional squirrel can leak in. He decides that he needs to insulate the house, because insulation's designed to keep a house warm, & unfortunately, sealing up all those holes makes Jumpy unwelcome. Feeling sorry for him, George decides to make a fully insulated house for Jumpy that will keep him warm & happy all winter.

Junky Monkey Gallery

Jumpy Warms Up Gallery