Jennifer Elizabeth Kyle is a 25 year old woman, who was lost her husband James Kyle and her daughter Lily Kyle in 10 years ago way before Ted (The Man in the Yellow Hat) first met George (according in the original film) and became the powerful wicked Midnight Queen (just to try to undercover her name) with her first assistants: Danno and Junior.
Curious George 4- Jennifer Kyle

She want all the citizens to be adore and control the entire universe of the Earth after Ted angrily rejecting her propsal of her hand in marriage, but she got defeated badly by Ted, Gerald and David, and take blame herself after Danno Wolfe and Junior (her formerly assistants) had betrayed her and gun-shot George. Over all, she was invited to the party after Ted and the citizens forgiven her aftermath.

She is also a beautiful singer, too.

She will first time appear as Midnight Queen in "Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue" and as her reformed-good-person-heroie self in 2018 upcoming series of Curious GeorgeCurious George and the Golden Meatball (2018 film)  and "Curious George 5: The Hurricane".

Voice: Kamuzi Evans (English), Claire Guyot (French), Maria Fernanda Morales (Spanish)

Friends: None (until at the end:) Ted Shackleford, George, Maggie Dunlop, Troy Dunlop, Daphne Shackleford, Gerald Shackleford

Relavites: James Kyle (husband/ deceased), Lily Kyle (daughter/ deceased)

Enemies: Ted Shackleford (formerly), George (formerly), Danno Wolfe, Junior Bloomsberry

Assistants: Danno Wolfe, Junior Bloomsberry

Goal: Saving her family from the storm (failed), marrying Ted (failed), taking over the city and the earth (failed), becoming a good person as reformed (at the end/ succeeded)


Dislikes: Losing her family, been betrayed by Junior and Danno, lies, secrets

Curious George 4- Midnight Queen (Power Up Jennifer Kyle)

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