"Ted, what happen to you? Are you alright?"~Jennifer Kyle (in The New Director episode), when she and Gerald came upon to check up on a psycho Ted.

Jennifer Elizabeth Kyle is a 25 year old beautiful young woman, who is not only a new person/ citizen in New York City in Chicago, but also a beautiful singer (in honor of her deceased mother).

She also has a family; her husband James Kyle and their 9 yr old daughter Lily Kyle (who is Daphne's classmate/ friend).

She will first time appear in Curious George 4: Ted's Great Adventure, and reappears in Curious George (Season 10)Curious George and the Golden Meatball and the other special events.

She is also a pretend-playful super-villain, Midnight Queen, along with her partner; Dark Betsy.


Kamuzi Evans (English), Claire Guyot (French), Maria Fernanda Morales (Spanish)




Ted Shackleford, George, Troy Dunlop, Daphne Shackleford, Gerald Shackleford, Mrs. Barracks, Professor Wiseman, Hal Houston, Dr. Kulinda


James Kyle (husband), Lily Kyle (daughter)


Uncle "Sir" Bloomsberry (formerly/ one time), Ricky Johnson, Calhoun (formerly), Chef Gaston, Mario (formerly/ one time)


Brave, daring, imaginative, adventurous, loving, gentle, kind, caring, protective, motherly, honesty


Her family, her new friends, celebrations, been with Ted, his family and George, helping others, Swedish meatballs, singing, dancing, concerts, swimming pools, going to the beach, dolphins, learning science with Professor Wiseman, solar system, animals (especially Hundley, Charkie, Compass and Gnocchi)


Ted losing his job/ been fired (as seen first-time in The New Director episode), her friends being injured/ hurt, children being sad and left out, her friends in danger, her daughter being hurt, Ricky Johnson (mostly), Ricky's plan of destroying the museum's artwork


Curious George 4: Ted's Great Adventure (film), Monkey Wars (Season 10 episode)