|voice = Lex Lang Anthony Padilla 
|species = Dog, weiner dog 
|gender = MAle Man 
|race = Dachshund dog DD
|home = The Apartment, the City
|occupation = Lobby Dog, sleeper 
|hobbies = Being neat & orderly, grumpy 
|allies = The Doorman, George, the Man
|adversaries = Charkie Goliath Gaston Hoa
|image = Image:Hundley_rotator_new.jpg
|caption = Hundley, the dignified lobby dog}}

Hundley is the Doorman's professional door dog. He is a dachshund. In order to become a professional he had to go to the “Dog Academy of arts for future doorman professional dogs” or simply “D.A.o.A.f.F.D.P.D”. There he learned how to become a pro. He learned proper etiquette, manners, tricks, and more manners.

Hundley is voiced by Lex Lang. Or sometimes Anthony Padilla.

Hundley takes his job of maintain order in the lobby seriously.  At first, Hundley disliked George for making a mess in the lobby.  Eventually, Hundley came to accept George with whom it developed friendship. Too bad it didn’t last long for he died and got replaced minutes later. Someone get me that Therapist number! Quick! My muskrat died! The doorman easily got over the Weiner! Why can’t I get over him? He was too cool for school and apparently too cool for me! My only way out is to take myself out! The. We can be together once more in the heavens up above! Hello! Hundley is a nice dog who is tsubdere.