Huin Kuan An is a minor character in the TV Series Curious George. He owns the Hoa Mei Grocery and Take-Out. He has a wife and a daughter. He is the Son-in-law of the EVIL Chef Gaston and the Nephew-in-law to the evi sidekick LeFou! Damn Bastard! But do not worry he is not evil like his other family members! He tries to drive his wife out of the evil route but despite his efforts, despite his dedication, despite his love for his wife, nothing, and I mean nothing seems to work for this Asian man. Bummer. But he shall never quit nor shall he ever give up for he is a strong dedicated Asian man. He teaches his daughter the art of king fu and yoga. Just in case things go bad with the other family members. Later on he is butchered by his wife for Asian man was on her butcher list. Bummer. The end.

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