Grease Monkeys in Space Plot

The Man With the Yellow Hat's about to get a big job! He's going to go up into space to fix the Einstein-Pizza Space Telescope, which is broken & pointed right at Pizza's kitchen window. Dr. Einstein & Professor Pizza explain that the spaceship has a self-locking air lock but they accidentally forgot to make a way to open it from outside. George has to tag along to push the button that'd let him in but is forced to go outside & do the job when the Man's tether breaks. Worse off, George's told he has only 2 minutes of air to complete the job.

Piñata Vision Plot

George's at Betsy's birthday party & sees that they have something he's never seen before, a piñata! After George's told how to play, he goes on a free-swinging spree & winds up breaking everything in the backyard But the piñata! Aunt Margaret tells George to stay outside & play with Charkie & asks him to put his blindfold on & follow her around the backyard with his other senses. Charkie soon escapes the backyard & a blind George begins to follow her around the city in a way other than seeing her.


Grease Monkeys in Space Gallery

Piñata Vision Gallery

Pinata Vision Title Card

Pinata Vision Title Card

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