Got the Magic in our Hearts is Ted's fight-against battle song of foiling Danno Wolfe, Junior Bloomsberry and Midnight Queen's wrathful plans and defeating them with his stepson Gerald and his father David's help after George sacrificed and saved Ted. This song is for the fourth film.

The song was inspired from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. Sung by Ted Shackleford, Gerald Shackleford and David Shackleford (Ted's father). Vocals by Jeff Bennett, Adam Wylie and James Earl Jones.



You're never gonna win the crowd!

I will not let you control everyone!

My son is here to help me out!

I will never honor your child of yours!


We won't let you win, we're here to let you know.

Our magic is too strong for you to stop us now.

But you can try to fight, but we got the heart of magic on the inside.

Got the magic in our hearts, we're here to stop your wrath for good.

And together we will never gonna let you win the crowd.


Here to sing your voice tonight.

Get them dancing with the crowd.

As the magic of memories to stop the storm!


Got the magic in our hearts, we're here to stop your wrath for life!

And together you will never gonna win over the crowd! 


Here to sing your voice tonight!


Get you dancing with the stars!

As the magic of memories

to stop, to stop, the storm!

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