Go West, Young Monkey Plot

The Doorman orders a western town for his train set & Steve, Betsy, & George offer to help him put it together while he's at work. Hundley then supervises as Steve, Betsy, & George finish the track. When the group accidentally sends a small pin from the train track into 1 of the plant pots, they must dump out all of the soil to search for the missing piece. Hundley falls asleep & dreams of himself & the group in a real western town. In his dream, George finds out how to make proper sifters to efficiently search for small objects, but in the end Hundley's sneezing's the secret to finding the pin.

Meet the New Neighbors Plot

The Man With The Yellow Hat's busy preparing for dinner with Professor Wiseman, so he sends George to fetch some groceries for him. On the way, George realizes that their usual grocery store isn't open, but a new grocery specializing in Vietnamese food has opened across the street. George finds fruits & vegetables that are similar to the ingredients on his grocery list, but when he takes them home, he finds that they don't work in The Man With The Yellow Hat's recipes. George later gets a tour of the store from the store owner's daughter, Mei.


  • This is Mei, & Mei's Parents' appearance.

Go West, Young Monkey Gallery

Meet the New Neighbors Gallery

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