Curious George 4- Gerald Shackleford (full body)
Gerald Joseph Shackleford is Ted and Maggie's oldest stepson/ stepbrother of GeorgeTroy Dunlop and Daphne Shackleford (In 5 years ago he used to be their formal babysitter but now he moves to join the Curious family with them as their oldest stepbrother/ stepson), a great grand nephew of Great Aunt Sylvia and a 2nd grandson of Miranda and David. He likes music, sketching pictures, writing song lyrics, the color blue, discovering museum art galleys, spending times with his family & preparing for any celebrations (especially birthdays-even his father's 32nd birthday) and his dream goal is to become a song writer and a performer.

His voice was portrayed by Adam Wylie as a teenager and Steve Burns as an adult, and he will appear in "Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue".

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