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George, smiling and looking curiously
First appearance Curious George Flies a Kite
Voice by
Curious Information
Species Monkey
Gender Male
Race/Origin Africa
Age 2(character itself), 30(the age since the character was created)
Home The Man's Apartment, the City
Occupation Freelancer
Hobbies Crafts, Boats, Planes, toys, helping, Made Automated monkey fun hat
Allies The Man, Hundley, Jumpy Squirrel, Bill, Renkins, Allie Whoops, Gnocchi, Chef Pisghetti, Professor Wiseman
Adversaries Bloomsberry Jr., Danno Wolfe, Rodney, Calhoun The Gopher Getter, Gwen & Sisly, Mrs. D. (One Time), Evil Castle Inspector, Hundley (One Time)

George Spencer Benedict Williams is the main protagonist of the series and movies. He is a little, intelligent, curious, innocent, cute, compassionate, tailless monkey, who is always up to something. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

George's former nemesis was Junior George's best friends are Charkie, Ally Whoops, Hundley, Gnocchi, Jumpy Squirrel, and Bill.

George's owner is The Man With The Yellow Hat, who tries to keep a close eye on George, but mostly always looses concentration. George is really just a curious normal little monkey, but he's not normal when he gets up to things.George is always asking questions to The Man With The Yellow Hat and his other friends.

George used to live in Africa with his friends, until he followed The Man With The Yellow Hat to New York City (where it was going to be his new home).

George is constantly very curious about many things (as his name implies), a trait, which helps George to learn, but which also often gets him into trouble. George has an impressive proficiency in visual art (as well as a strong sense of natural beauty).

George is used as the "teachable" character in the series, and he is the one to whom new concepts are explained in detail by the other characters; the viewers learn the new concept along with George.

Throughout the series, George's adventures continue to evolve, as when he flew a kite to getting a kite string back.


  • The series calls George a monkey, but he lacks a tail, which would indicate that he's an ape or chimpanzee.
  • George probably is a chimpanzee since he was found in Africa.
  • He is most likey called a monkey so younger kids may relate to him
  • George appears in most episodes.
  • There is another character in Toy Story 3 who resembles him and his name is Monkey.
  • George lives in the Big City (Chicago as said by The man with the yellow hat in the episode"George's plane ride") in and the Country.
  • He is the main protagonist in the series.
  • Curious George recently made a cameo in the "Book People Unite" commercial hanging on to some balloons.
  • Curious George wants to be like everyone else and grow up well.
  • George acts like a little kid because of the way he explores the world.
  • George has a last name, which is Williams. It was possibly revealed that he was adopted by Ted Shackleford, also known as The Man With The Yellow Hat.

    George's cameo in the "Book People Unite" commercial.

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