George & Marco Sound It Out Plot

George's a huge fan of the Mexican family band Lobos de la Plata when they play in the park's old bandstand. But when the old bandstand's torn down, George & his new friend Marco must find a new place for the band to play, but every place they try makes the band seem to sound awful. In the process they learn all about acoustics & how things such as a carpeted floor & a high ceiling make things sound different.

A Monkey's Duckling Plot

It's George's 1st day of spring on the Renkins' farm & he & Bill arrive on the farm just in time to see Dumpling, the Renkins' duck sitting on her eggs to hatch them. But when she leaves & George sits on the eggs in her place, 1 of the eggs hatches & the chick thinks George's its mother. George needs to try to get the duckling to see its real mother.


  • This is Marco's 1st appearance.
  • "Hooray for George" is so far the only lyrical song Lobos de la Plata has sung.


  • "Hooray for George" - Lobos de la Plata

George & Marco Sound It Out Gallery

A Monkey's Duckling Gallery

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