Girl Meets Monkey Plot

George meets Mrs. Renkins' 5-yr-old granddaughter, Allie for the 1st time. Being human, Allie doesn't know much about monkey life. That's until George shows her a day in the life of a monkey including a lesson in climbing trees. Unfortunately, Allie climbs so high up a tree when chasing Jumpy that she winds up stuck & George needs to find a way to get her down.

Curious George Ramps It Up Plot

When Hundley tries to return a toy to a baby, George winds up thinking he wants to play. Then, George, Hundley, & Gnocchi wind up locked in Chef Pisghetti's basement with nobody there to set them free. There is, however, a window high up. George tries to use stuff in the basement to build a ramp to allow them all to escape.


  • This is Allie's 1st appearance.
  • This is the only episode where Allie acted like animals. She acted like a chicken, then a monkey (George).


Girl Meets Monkey Gallery

Curious George Ramps It Up Gallery

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