George-O-Matic Plot

At the museum, George discovers something he has never seen before-a vending machine & becomes curious as to how 1 works, thinking there's a farmer & an apple tree inside an apple machine. But then someone shows him what's really inside: a series of simple machines. The Man's asked by Professor Wiseman to host a party for 2 expedition groups at his apartment & leaves George in charge of dessert. So George decides to build his own vending machine to make it.

Curious George, Sheep Herder Plot

At the annual Spring fair in the country, George & Allie come across a sheep shearer & a family making yarn out of a sheep's wool. They also come across a sheep herding contest where Mr. Renkins commands his dog, Bo with a special whistle to herd sheep. When they return home to the country house, the scarf George bought from the yarn makers begins to unravel & they need someone to fix it, but Jumpy Squirrel steals the yarn leaving them in search for more. It seems all of the Renkins' sheep were sheared at the fair & they begin to escape the pasture! George sees the whistle Mr. Renkins used to command Bo & uses it to command Bo to stop the sheep from escaping but isn't sure how.


  • This is Allie's 6th appearance.

George-O-Matic Gallery

Curious George, Sheep Herder Gallery

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