Follow That Boat Plot

George's very impressed by the model papyrus boat that Steve has built for history class. Steve wants to find a way to test the boat out but when he's unable to in the museum he decides to go to Endless Park. But a stray current caused by a rainstorm sends the boat on its way down the river & down a storm drain. Steve & George try to find the boat at the local waste treatment plant but due to the recent storm, the boat has completely bypassed the plant & floated out into the ocean. There, the waste treatment facility uses a skimming boat to collect floatables-trash that people have dumped into the ocean. They decide that Steve's boat may be floating in the ocean somewhere.

Windmill Monkey Plot

George's busy planting food in the rooftop garden of the apartment building but he has a problem. He can't stop Compass & his pigeon friends from eating all the seeds. He recalls how the Renkins built a scarecrow in their garden to scare away birds so he decides to do the same thing. But his isn't scary enough to scare away any birds. Later, he & the Man with the Yellow Hat go to a farm in the country where George comes across a windmill. The farmer tells George that windmills can be used for many different things & they're all done with nothing but the power of the wind. So George decides to build a windmill of his own to make his scarecrow move.


Follow That Boat Gallery

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