• Doxie: Doxie is another dachshund who was introduced in Season 2. She is almost identical to Hundley in appearance, except that she wears a red collar; however, unlike Hundley, Doxie is bouncy and playful.

Hundley was sadly replaced by the doorman. He became to old and passed away in his sleep. Doorman didn’t mourn for long. It took him 5 minutes to cry it out. Okay, to each their own I guess. Give me that guys therapist’s number I need to mourn my muskrat it’s unbearable and impossible to do when I have so many memories of him. We did everything together things I cannot even talk about here. I have posters of him, shirts, shoes, cereal. Help me help me please. He was created in my room. Anyways, doorman sprinted out to the nearest pet center and bought Doxie. Luckily, as stated above, Doxie is more fun and lovable than its counterpart Houndley. Good for you Doorman, good for you. Ps. Get me that number (Doxie is voiced by Frank Welker, not Jim Cummings)