Downhill Racer Plot

George loves cars & when he hears about the annual Soap Box Derby race in the country, he & Allie decide to enter. But 1st, they need to build a car, & the rules say no help's allowed. So they look at a book that shows them the parts they need to build a soap box derby racer & find out just what's needed to make 1 go downhill, & stop.

Book Monkey Plot

George's off to 1 of his favorite places in the city, the library. But when Mrs. Dewey the librarian has to run off, she leaves him in charge of the library to stack & sort books. When George has trouble finding a certain book, he decides to rearrange them, 1st by color, then by size. But then Steve tells him that the proper way to arrange books is by subject.


  • This is Allie's 5th appearance.
  • This is Steve's 17th appearance.
  • George & Allie don't know how to read.
    • Allie can only read the words "the", & "car".

Downhill Racer Gallery

Book Monkey Gallery

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