"Pink and white monkey over board!"~ Daphne, about to jump onto Ted's back while playing pretend adventure with her brother; Troy- "Curious George 4: Ted's Great Adventure".

Daphne Lynn Shackleford is Ted's 9 yr old adopted daughter/ a sister of George and Troy, stepsister of Gerald, a great grand niece of Great Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Tam and a granddaughter of Miranda and David.

She has freckles that are dark orange and short orange hair (just like Maggie), wearing a pink and white sailor dress and a big pink hair bow.

She calls her father; Ted "Daddy".

She has a huge crush on Hal Houston's son; John Houston.

Surprisingly, she has amigos at school. Her best friends are Allie Renkin, Vanessa McCurryScarlet LouieMartha ReyMary Jane, Lily Kyle, and Daisy Wiseman (Professor Wiseman and Clovis's daughter), who were in the same classroom as her.

She also loves her father, acting very well behaved, drawing, sketching, painting, music, museum priorities information from her father (just like Troy), kindness, be so helpful, shareable, caring and celebrations (just like her brother).

Daphne is also a skilled swimmer, an excellent singer and also an excellent dancer respectively.

She will first time appear in Curious George 4: Ted's Great Adventure, and reappears in Curious George Season 10, Curious George and the Golden Meatball and the other special events.