Daisy Louie Wiseman is Clovis and Professor Wiseman's well-behaved 9 year old daughter, who first met Ted's new son; Troy after school along with her friends/ clasmates; Daphne, AnnaAllie, ScarletMary JaneMartha and Vanessa.

She has dark brown hair, blue eyes, red-magenta lips, tiny dark brown freckles, and wears a shoulder strapless bright-pink shirt, a long pair of light pink socks and a pink-magenta skirt.

Her voice will be first portrayed by Tara Strong (same voice of Daphne), then later Cree Summer.

She will first time appear in Curious George 4: Ted's Great Adventure and reappears in Curious George Season 10, Curious George and the Golden Meatball and the other special events.