Daisy Louie Wiseman is Clovis and Professor Wiseman's well-behaved 9 year old daughter, who first met
Curious George 4- Daisy Wiseman (full body)
Ted and Maggie's son Troy after school along with her friends/ clasmates: Daphne, Anna, Allie Renkins, ScarletMary JaneMartha Rey and Vanessa.

She has dark brown hair, blue eyes, red-magenta lips, tiny dark brown freckles, and wears a shoulder strapless bright-pink shirt, a long pair of light pink socks and a pink-magenta skirt.

Her voice will be portrayed by Tara Strong (same voice as Daphne), then later Cree Summer.

She will first time appear with her mother and father in Curious George 4: Ted's Great Adventure, Curious George Season 10 and "Curious George and the Golden Meatball".

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