DJ George Plot

George & The Man With the Yellow Hat are excited because The Man's favorite jazz musician, Bonny Smooth's coming to town and Howlin' Hal, the DJ at the local radio station's giving out front-row tickets to her concert. George & The Man had won the tickets & go to the local radio station to claim them, where Howlin' Hal shows George how the radio station works. In a mishap, George winds up locked inside the DJ room with Howlin' Hal & The Man locked out & Bonnie Smooth about to call in to the station to debut her new song! The 2 need to find a way for George to take the call & broadcast it.

Curious George Paints The Desert Plot

George, The Man With the Yellow Hat, & Mr. & Mrs. Quint are going to the desert to dig for fossils. When they arrive, George meets an Indian chief named John, who shows him how he paints out of desert sand colored with natural chemicals. John paints a picture of George in the sand but a few bunnies come & eat his painting! After John leaves to help The Man & Mr. Quint, George decides to make his own sand paint & paint his own picture. George soon finds that all the sand in the desert's the same shade of light brown, but he discovers how fruits & vegetables can be used to color the sand. He also needs to make sure that the sand's dry so it can flow from his hands. Once he figures out the recipe for good colored sand paint, he just needs to find a way to stop it from blowing away in the desert sand, & to make it bunny-proof.



DJ George Gallery

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