Curious George Sees Stars

George wants to be the 1st person, or monkey in the world to count every star in the sky after Bill tells him that no one has done so. The only problem, though is that George can't stay up at night to count all of them. So he finds a system to keep track of which stars he has counted because, since you can't see stars in the day, he can only count at night. Later on upon returning to the city, George finds that he can't see the stars even at night because the city has way more light at night than the country.

Curious George Gets a Trophy

The Man with the Yellow Hat has just won another trophy & George really wants to have 1 of his own. After helping Chef Pisghetti, though, George winds up getting 1! It's the Chef's own Ice Cream Gnocchi! But it seems like it's always melting or splattering because he doesn't handle it correctly.



Running Gags

Curious George Sees Stars Gallery

Curious George Gets a Trophy Gallery

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