Curious George Gets All Keyed Up Plot

Betsy has to play her xylophone in the school recital but she has to get her hair dressed & doesn't want to take her xylophone to the hairdresser. She entrusts George & Steve to get the xylophone to the school. Unfortunately when George knocks the xylophone over he must put it back together. He remembers how the notes, when played in order, sound like they are climbing stairs. But it seems like no matter how he sets up the bars, he can't get them in order. He realizes he needs to count in order from 1 to set up the xylophone properly. But George can't count past 12 & the xylophone has more pieces than that.

Gutter Monkey Plot

The Man's competing in the country town bowling tournament at Bowlmore Lanes but it seems like George doesn't have any luck getting the ball to hit the pins because it keeps falling into the gutter. When he sees The Man polishing his bowling shoes because they make it extra lucky, George decides to polish his bowling ball too. After George polishes the ball he decides to give it a test roll. However, the yard's bumpy & the driveway's a hill so he just can't get the ball to roll straight. That's until he keeps the ball so long that The Man forgets it & George sees the road from the country house to the Bowling Alley's like a big bowling lane with gutters.


Curious George Gets All Keyed Up Gallery

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Gutter Monkey Gallery

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