Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue is the upcoming fourth film (releasing on September 20th, 2017/ DVD releasing on November 10th 2017) preceded by Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle, the fourth installment in Curious George.

Ted Shackleford (The Man in the Yellow Hat) and Maggie Dunlop we're happily married and had three very well-behaved children: their sons, Troy, Gerald (Troy's former babysitter/ oldest brother) and their youngest daughter, Daphne, who was making their father's 32nd dream birthday party perfect, the best-and a surprise! But things started to get worry when an anxious and scared Ted gets kidnapped by revengeful Danno Wolfe, along with Junior Bloomsberry and their mistress guardian: Midnight Queen, and it is up to brave George, along with Mistress Mist the guardian pixie fairy to save his monkey parent, foil the terrible revengeful plans and brings him back to New York Chicgo on time for his birthday!

Featuring 12 brand new spectacular songs from the voice actors, new surprises and new exciting enchanted adventures through the dungeon walls to under the ocean and to unexcepted journey you and your family have never seen!

This fouth film was take place after was inspired from the PBS Kids television series: Curious George series episode, "Monkey Size Me".

The film's animation will be created by Gary Goldman, Don Bluth, Ron Howard and Brain Grazier (producers of Bartok the Magnificent)


DVD Main Menu music:

NEW 2017 Universal intro music:

PLOT: (story): This movie starts when Troy (E.G Daily) and his sister Daphne (Tara Strong) we're secretly making birthday invitations of their father's 32nd birthday after 12 days for everyone (inspired from Curious George (2006 Film)TV Series, Follow That Monkey and Back to the Jungle) to come celebrate- including their great grand aunt and their grandmother (Jodi Benson), delivered together with their oldest stepbrother Gerald (Adam Wylie) and their mother Maggie (Nicki Bryar). Meanwhile, George (Frank Welker) and Ted (Jeff Bennett) we're washing/ cleaning themselves in the washroom, preparing the family dinner movie night (in honor of his 32nd birthday, which Troy, Daphne, Gerald and Maggie already secretly knew about it without telling him)

The next day of the start of 12th day countdown, Ted gently showed Troy and Daphne the true meaning of the future friendship by floating through over the city (originally taken inspired from Curious Georgeand how to make new friendsfriends with kind people and animals, and everyone was very pleased except for Danno Wolfe and Junior Bloomsberry, who ththey seek their revenge after being fired from their job sites for 31st years later.

That afternoon, the cops unexpectedly came (called by Danno and Junior) and took and arrested Ted to a far, far, far away country (secretly when a horrified George, who's carrying a birthday cake home, saw the whole scene), and George sadly chattered to Troy, Daphne, Gerald, Maggie and the other people about Ted's kidnappance during the countdown!

But, George knew that the birthday party will NEVER start without his monkey guardian being taken away, so he bravely goes under covered in his black and dark navy blue uniform and cape, gets a ride on a helicopter by Hal Houston with his son John Houston, Tech Andrew, Dr. Naja Kunlida and her gorilla guardian Seymour (luckily they knew Ted's far away country in a screen map) and goes on another mission to bring Ted back home.

(To Be continued of the story....)

Voice Talents:

Tony Harvey as the Narrator

Frank Welker as Curious George (chimpanzee)

Jeff McNeal as Kayla, Tonga & Layla

Jeff Bennett as Ted Shackleford (AKA The Man in the Yellow Hat) & Mr. Renkins (returned from the series)

Carol Burnett as Great Aunt Sylvia 

Will Ferrell as a spirit ghost Ted Shackleford

Eugene Levy as Clovis (returned from the 2006 first film)

Nicki Bryar as Maggie Dunlop, townspeople #1

Clint Howard as Farmer Dan, Balloon Man & the Baker

Tim Curry as Mr. Piccadilly (returned from Follow That Monkey film) & Dungeon prisoner #1

Catherine Taber as Tina (Piccadilly's assistant)

Jim Cummings as Chef Pisghetti (returned from the series), Dungeon Guard #1, and the Quint brothers

Susan Silo as Netti (Pisghetti's wife/ returned from the series), Mistress Mist the pixie fairy, Ms. Plushbottom (returned from the 2006 film)

Trupti Potdukhe as Anna

E.G Daily as Troy Dunlop, Marco and Steve (both returned from the series)

Tara Lyn Strong as Daphne Shackleford, Daisy Wiseman (Professor Wiseman's daughter/ Daphne's best friend/ Troy's love interest) & Curious George (as a humanized young boy)

Grey DeLisie as Betsy ( returned from the series), Dungeon prisoner #2 & Vanessa McCurry (Ted Shackleford's first youngest superfan)

Adam Wylie as Gerald Shackleford & adult-teen George

Rob Paulsen as Mr. Glass (returned from the series), Newspaper man & Dungeon Guard #2

Lara Jill Miller as Allie Whoops Renkins (returned from the series)

Annie Mumolo as Bill (returned from the series) & woodland boy #2

Candi Milo as the Quint sisters & townspeople #2

Rolonda Watts as Professor Wiseman (Daisy's mother/ returned from the series)

John Goodman as Hal Houston & Dungeon Guard #3

Brian Doe as John Houston (Hal Houston's son/ Troy's best friend/ Daphne's love interest)

Alexander Polinsky as Tech Andrew

Angela Bassett as Dr. Naja Kulinda

Kazumi Evans as Jennifer Kyle (AKA Midnight Queen) (New Non-wicked Villian-type character) & Scarlet Louie

David Cross as Junior Bloomsberry (returned from the 2006 film)

Jamie Kennedy as Danno Wolfe (returned from Follow that Monkey)

Jodi Benson as Miranda Shackleford (Ted's mother), townspeople #3, adult Daphne Shackleford & old Maggie Dunlop

James Earl Jones as David Shackleford (Ted's father)

Bill Chott as The Doorman & Hundley (returned from the series)

Ed O, Ross as Ivan the original Doorman

Michael Chinyamurindi as Edu (Ted's original African guide/ returned from the 2006 film)

Fred Tatasciore as Mr. Bloomsberry (returned from the 2006 film and Follow That Monkey film)

Greg Page as old Ted Shackleford

Dovothan Patton as adult Troy Dunlop

Steve Burns as adult Gerald Shackleford


1. "Seasons of Love (Main title)"- sung by E.G Daily, Tara Strong and Adam Wylie


2. "A Buddy Like You" - sung by Jeff Bennett

3. " Remember the Past"- sung by E.G Daily, Tara Strong and Jeff Bennett (In honor of Michael Jackson)


4. "If I'm not with them (by my side) Menudo Edition"- sung by Jeff Bennett

5. "Ted's lovable frienship lullaby"- sung by Jeff Bennett

6. " Numa Numa (O-Zone version)"- sung by Jeff Bennett featuring O-Zone

7. " Find the Way"- sung by E.G Daily, Tara Strong, Jeff Bennett, Adam Wylie and Nicki Bryar


8. "Remember my past (Ember McLain version)"- sung by Jeff Bennett


9. "Got the Magic in our Hearts"- sung by Adam Wylie, James Earl Jones and Jeff Bennett

10. " A Buddy like you (slow version/ sad reprise)"- sung by Jeff Bennett

11. (I'm a) Monkey Boy (parody of Barbie Girl)- sung by Tara Strong, Jeff Bennett and the casts

12. "Best Memories of Our Lives (ending credits)"- sung by the casts

Karaoke theme:

BONUS Karaoke Songs (sung by the actors and actresses) for soundtrack:

13. " Don't Matter (Akon Clean Version)"- sung by Adam Wylie and Jeff Bennett


14. "Evermore (Josh Groban version)- sung by Jeff Bennett

15. " Wait for you (Elliott Yamin version)- sung by Jeff Bennett and James Earl Jones

16. "Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus version)"- sung by Nicki Bryar, Adam Wylie and Jeff Bennett

17. "Domino (Jessie J clean version)"- sung by Adam Wylie and Jeff Bennett

18. " Remember the Past (slow version)"- sung by Jeff Bennett


19. "Evacuate the Dancefloor (Cascara version)"- sung by Tara Strong, E.G Daily, Adam Wylie, Nicki Bryar and Jeff Bennett

20. " White Houses (Vanessa Carlton version)"- sung by Nicki Bryar, Tara Strong and Jeff Bennett

Fullscreen or Widescreen selections

Bonus Features: On-Screen-Deleted scenes, Bloopers, Games, How to draw Ted (The Man inin the Yellow Hat) and more!

Concept Art/ Gallery

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