Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue! is a 2017 animated, adventure, comedy, musical, magical film that will be released by Universal Pictures, first-time volunteered by Lionsgate Film,DHX Media,(creators of My Little Pony: The Movie), with Bardel Entertainment and 9 Story Media Group (honoring of 2018 upcoming released Curious George Series), in the United States and Canada on will release in December 24th, 2017 at the height of Curious George's popularity/ also goes to the name of Curious George Movie Chapter Collection, also adaptation of the children's stories by H.A. Rey & Margret Rey.

Curious George 4 A Birthday Rescue poster (2017)

2017 DVD Cover Design

This film took place inspired from Curious George episode: Monkey Size Me and a Curious George online-computer game "Birthday Surprise".

It's also a "Magical, Musical" 4th prequel to Curious George 3: Back to the JungleCurious George 2: Follow that Monkey! and Curious George.

Film Synopsis

Years passed after completing the space missionTed (The Man with the Yellow Hat) is happily married to Maggie Dunlop and had three well-behaved children: their son, Troy, their adopted stepson, Gerald and their youngest daughter, Daphne as his dream family for the first time!

To keep a secret from Ted, Maggie, Troy, Daphne and Gerald are planning a surprise birthday party, but things started to get worry when Ted gets kidnapped to Great Britain by revengeful Danno Wolfe and Junior Bloomsberry, along with their leader, Jennifer Kyle (aka Midnight Queen) (who plans on marrying him), and it's up to the brave little Curious George, along with his first guardian pixie Mistress Mist, to rescue Ted, reuniting him with his family and regaining Jennifer Kyle before getting more worse!

Featuring the voice talents of Shakira, Kamuzi Evans, James Earl Jones, Jodi Benson, Carly Rae Jepsen, Greg Page, Steve Burns, Adam Wylie, Donovan Patton, Sarah Sliverman, Patrick Warburton and Tony Harvey, with 17 new adventurous songs, unexpected surprises and much more you can ever imagined!


The movie begins, after the (“Like Curious George!”) theme song credits, we see Troy Dunlop (voiced by E.G Daily from Rugrats, singing voice by Max Charles from The Lion Guard) and his sister Daphne Shackleford (voiced by Tara Strong from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea) were crafting birthday invitations for their father's (reprise by Jeff Bennett) 32nd birthday party, with the help of their mother, Maggie Dunlop (voiced by Mary Alexander Stiefvater) and their stepbrother, Gerald Shackleford (voiced by Adam Wylie from Jake and the Neverland Pirates), and send every invitations to everyone (friends they known)  in the city-including Martha Rey, Scarlet Louie, Anna, SteveBetsy, Bill, Marco, Daisy Wiseman, Vanessa McCurry, The Donut Family and even their great grand aunt and uncle, Great Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Tam.

Meanwhile, lost on the other side of the city, Piccadilly’s retired head strong serecity, Danno Wolfe (reprise by Jamie Kennedy), after first-time meeting Mr. Bloomsberry’s son, Junior Bloomsberry (reprise by David Cross) and Jennifer Kyle (voiced by Kamuzi Evans/ who had lost her family), seeks revenge on Ted and George after failing to arrest them (since Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey) and losing his job for life (same goes for Junior). Soon, Junior and Jennifer join Danno on his plan with their evil grins.

Back at the apartment building, in the restroom, George (reprise by Frank Welker), in a bubble bathtub while wearing a shower cap, was glazing at the window while frown, wondering about Maggie will ever return (not knowing that she already returned), while Ted Shackleford, in the shower, seeing George, how understand he felt on the inside. As Ted, after getting out of the shower, tries to soothe George out, he unexpectedly slipped on a bar of a soap, causing him to lost balance and fall forwards and accidentally lands on George in the tub, and they both started playing each other after Ted sheepishly apologizes. Afterwards, Ted reminds George that he needs to be clean and fluffy for his special Family Dinner Movie Night in honor of his special education coming. George agrees, and went to his room. Ted then smiles at George and saying, "That's my monkey." A little later, while Ted prepares to make dinner, he heard Troy, Daphne, Gerald and Maggie returning home. Troy and Daphne are thrilled to see George and their father again, and also were excited to have a Family Dinner Movie Night with their mother, their father and their "monkey brother"-including with their stepbrother Gerald (“Won’t you be my Family?”). 

Meanwhile at the other side of Chicago, at sunset, while Jennifer unseeningly transforms herself into Midnight Queen, Danno and Junior both called the police to arrest Ted by lying saying that Ted is the one who made them lost their jobs by causing trouble and wants him to be send to the dungeon in Great Britain for life, and the officers strongly agree to do so tomorrow. Later that night, Ted, peeking through the opened bedroom door, asked George, Troy and Daphne that the movie (The Adventures of the Lost Shrine of Zagawa), dinner and dessert was alright. George, Troy and Daphne nodded their heads, and saying that everything looks delicious and “what a great movie!” they had. Ted was glad to see them enjoying themselves, and came by giving them bottles of drinking water to drink, rubs George's head, kissing Troy and Daphne and saying Good night before turning off the lights.

The next day on the 8th day on the birthday countdown, after breakfast, Ted and Maggie took Troy, George, Gerald and Daphne to the city park to play with the kids, while Ted took George to his secret favorite place to show him how appreciate he felt on the inside ("A Buddy like You") after sharing and showing Troy and Daphne his memories (photographs from Curious George, Follow that Monkey and Back to the Jungle) and floating over the city (inspired from the original film/"Remember the Past"). At the fountain, Troy and Daphne, while wishing their grandfather was here with them in the future and seen him what he looks like, first-time meet Ted’s retirement body-builder former boss, Mr. Bloomsberry; and he explains to them that their father (Ted) has been the museum director ever since 20 years, and he became legend. This amazes Troy and Daphne, then, showing up, Ted and George curiously came to the brick wall fountain, unexpectedly seeing Mr. Bloomsberry again, while taking Troy and Daphne with him back. Behind a thick oak tree, Troy and Daphne, after giggling at Ted, who is secretly noticing them behind and was about to kiss Maggie, are being caught, but Ted, however, loses his foot balance and he, along with Troy and Daphne, rolled down the hill, landed on the ground and started laughing. Afterwards, Troy and Daphne curiously listened to their father's heart on the inside, while Ted explaining that all the people, animals and even him has every heart to share with.

Soon, a taxi approached and appoarching Miranda Shackleford (Ted's first-time-seen-mother/ voiced by Jodi Benson from The Little Mermaid and Thumbelina), and she and her son Ted are happily reunited each other. She also first-time meets George, her daughter-in-law Maggie and her grandchildren Troy, Daphne and Gerald. Later, Ted shows his mother his job site (the Bloomsberry Museum) and the Global Space Agency, where Maggie is happily first-time greeted by Professor Wiseman, Anthony Pizza, Einstein, Hal Houston, his son John Houston (voiced by Brain Doe from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree), Tech Andrew and Dr. Naja Kulinda. Miranda was very proud at Ted, but Ted wishes that his father was alive to see him again (same goes to Miranda), but he's going to try to get over with it. Later that mid-evening, while George is secretly getting the birthday cake, Ted was arrested, getting knocked out and been taken away to the Great Britain by the misunderstanding police forcers (phone called by Junior and Danno from last night). This ancient worries George, who exclaiming Ted’s family and friends that he has been kidnapped during the birthday countdown, goes on a rescue mission to find Ted and goes in disguise and hood (getting dropped off by Hal Houston on a rescue copter) in Great Britain.

In the dungeon cellar, just waking up, a scared Ted was first-time courted with Danno, Junior and Midnight Queen (which is powered-up Jennifer Kyle, under-covering her real name) and they both threatened Ted that they did not care about his birthday and was never seen his family again. Then, Midnight also approached to him and said that he will be forced to marry her to make him as her “Midnight King” husband (idea inspired from Nintendo Switch game: Super Mario Odyssey), but not a request. After slamming the gates, Ted gasp, whimpers, freaks himself out, running to the dungeon mattress, (“If You’re not here (by my Side)”), while glazing at the window on the full moon, and started crying desperately in tears.

Meanwhile in the Country in Chicago, Mr. Renkins was excitedly preparing his vegetable crops for Ted’s 32nd birthday party (which he, his wife Mrs. Renkins (Kath Soucie) and their granddaughter Allie Renkins are invited by Troy, Daphne and Gerald) in the garden, until he unexpectedly sees Calhoun (all grown up/ voiced by Patrick Warburton from The Emperor’s New Groove and The Bee Movie) after recognizing him years ago. Mr. Renkins became very angry at him, shoving him on a ground, and he and Calhoun started a fight (the same fight inspired from Family Guy, but viewer descriptions is gladly advised). Watching fearly outside the window, Mrs. Renkins and Allie both ran to the garden and pulled Mr. Renkins away, they both recognized Calhoun, and Mrs. Renkins fierstly fired him for life.

One night back in the cellar, a kindly male buffed prisoner, right next door, gets a phone call for Ted to speak to, and he grabs the phone and sobbingly says "hello...". The phone call was coming from Troy and Daphne, at the frozen yogurt shop, calling him through Gerald's cellphone. Ted, while crying, tells them he missed them so much, and Daphne asked him to not to cry (which Ted can't because he's scared) and Troy reminded him that George is on his way to find him as he and Daphne both promised. They also tell their father that they're safe with Maggie and Gerald, and telling him that there's no need to worry about them.Ted tells them that he HAS to be worried about them, but does agree with them before hanging up.

That night, back with George, after getting off Houston’s rescue copter, he first-time meets Mistress Mist, the guardian pixie fairy (the fairy reference from The Legend of Zelda) and encourts him to the location to the Great Britain dungeon, where he is happily reunited with a joyful Ted while the other prisoners was full of good cheer as George, along with Mistress Mist and Ted, makes a quick escape into the dark woods away from the guardsmen on horses. After the guardsmen unknowingly rode passes them through, Ted started to go first-time crying panicking attack while claiming about his family and his birthday disaster. This ancient reaction heart-wrenches George, so, holding-tight back his tears, he cheers Ted up with first a flick of his nose, giving him a hug (which is the only thing that makes him much better) and even giving him his homemade birthday card (since George did not forget about his birthday), which Ted smiled and rubs George's head. 

Afterwards, George and Mistress both encourt Ted to the country-house-like-cabin, where there’s a lot of scrumptious food, a warm fire place and a couch mattress bed to sleep and where he is safe. However, Ted, after mentioned about his family back in Chicago, after saying "please excuse me" to George and Mistress Mist, slowly walks to the couch bed, covering his face on a pillow and begin weeping. George, seeing Ted worriedly, decides to make a sandwich (since he remembered the first time) for Ted to cheer up. Ted, reduced in tears, looked up at George carrying a plate (even when he sees George putting mustard inside), staring at the sandwich, wiping away his tears, smilingly thanked George (after all he is getting hungry), and hugged him.

Back in the city in the apartment building, Troy and Daphne both started to get worried and nervous about what’s happening to George and Ted in Great Britain, and same goes to Gerald and Maggie. Professor Wiseman claims them to bring them to Great Britain on the helicopter to find them, so Maggie, Gerald, Troy and Daphne packed their things, drinks, first-aid kit, charged-up cellphones and snacks in their backpacks and they all jumped aboard on the helicopter while Gerald's girlfriend; Carla Smith (voiced by Carly Rae Jespen), Hal Houston, Tech Andrew, John Houston, Miranda and Dr. Naja Kulinda-along with Seymor and Strich, were all stand put to finish preparing for Ted’s birthday party.

The next day on the 9th day, while Ted is still sleeping, George, along with Mistress Mist to guide him, goes outside to pick fresh berries from the nearby bushes to make jam and toast along with fried eggs. After breakfast, Ted, in honor of George’s bravery and courage, asks George that if he can play with him outside. George chatters in delightful. Outside, Ted and George both played volley ball, the help of Mistress Mist’s magic, they both were flying through the sky. Ted was suddenly first-time amazed. In the woods nearby the cabin, George shows Ted how to bungee jump, teaching him how to become a vine swinging pro by swinging on vines, and even taking him underwater in the river. Ted was amazed at the underwater site, and he and George had founded a golden seashell locket, and they both agree to give this to Daphne as a gift.

During the beginning of sunset, George and Ted both reached to the surface, and Ted, while breathing, thanked George for the fun-time of their lives, but however, he still misses his family when he mentioned about them again ("Find the Way"). When it’s started raining, Mistress Mist and George ran back to the cabin, but before opening the door, they see a soaked up Ted started laughing, and they both smiled at him. Then, Ted began to sneeze, and they both quickly bring him back to the cabin and bring him to the warm fire and George even gave Ted a warm blanket to kept him warm. At the fireplace in the cabin, Ted, before continuing his conversion, heard two familiar voices as the rain started to stop outside the window. He opened the door and curiously sees two children running through the woods (the upcoming reunion scene inspired from Homebound: The Incredible Journey and Dreamworks: Home) and quickly recognized that it was Troy and Daphne (whom after seeing the cabin, unknowingly seen a person at first).

Starting in happy tears, as the family reunion begins, Ted kneeled down to the ground and hugged Troy and Daphne (both started in tears), telling them how he misses them too much. Then, following behind Troy and Daphne, Maggie and Gerald both reunited with Ted as well, and Ted kissed Maggie (in marriage) and tell her, Gerald, Troy and Daphne that George had saved him from execution in the cellar. They all thanked him, while George happily blushed. Then, Maggie, Gerald, Troy and Daphne first-time meet Mistress Mist, who is George’s pixie fairy guardian, and Ted invites them inside the cabin to kept them warm (after shockedly seeing Troy and Daphne being soaken wet), and try to find the way back to Chicago later. The Shackleford Family all agree-including Mistress Mist.

Meanwhile in the dark fortress palace, Midnight Queen (which is Jennifer Kyle) frustratedly discovers that Ted has been escaped from the dungeon cellar by George in disguise and Mistress Mist, and he was happily reunited with his family. So, for that, she calmly ordered Danno and Junior to get Ted back to the cellar, but in her palace, and making George, Mistress Mist and Ted’s family as slaves (planned not treat them badly) during her wedding celebration. Danno and Junior both agreed, but secretly, from the queen, was planned on their own to kill Ted and George as their own revengeful plan and ruining his birthday. Later that closer to midnight, in the dark woods, Ted encounts, with the help of Mistress Mist, Troy, Daphne, Maggie and Gerald across the frozen pond, slowly to reach the other side. Then, before Ted can reach over to meet his family, the ice started to crack, and George fell backwards into the water. Taking a deepest breath, a worried Ted doved in the water and searched for George (underwater scene inspired from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas). Then, he grabs him, and swam to the surface. Ted placed George on Gerald’s arms, and was ready to climb out of the water, but his foot was suddenly caught tangled up on a vine attached to a bolder (unknowingly secretly by Danno and Junior), and Ted was pulled back under the water, while George tries to pull him back up, but he slipped. This anicent shocks Mistress Mist, George, Maggie, Troy, Daphne and Gerald. Not long after, flying above the full moon, a woman, wearing a black female agent uniform, suddenly swung by, removing her cape and hood, and doved underwater and brings a drowning Ted, who is sinking fast, to the surface in time after untangling the vine. Then, she bravely carries nearly unconscious Ted back to the cabin, while a worried George, Mistress Mist, Maggie, Troy, Daphne and Gerald were all followed behind.

Back with Calhoun, he was running out of gas in his car, so he went to the gas station to get his gas tank filled up, and went to the store and purchased pizza and a box of donuts. Before getting inside the car, Mr. Renkins unexpectedly approached and started to beat him again. Calhoun furiously tries to whack him with a baseball bat, but Mr. Renkins whacks him back, getting him unconscious and put him in a dog-sized cage. Afterwards, he took Calhoun’s car and drove away before Calhoun firestly woke up desperately. Back in the cabin, while Maggie is making hot tea, a woman placed Ted on the couch bed, and threw back her hood, revealing herself with a golden blonde hair, brown eyes and a beautiful face of Shakira (voiced by herself, Shakira). This amazedly surprised Mistress Mist, George, Troy, Daphne, Maggie and Gerald. Then, before asking her questions, they suddenly hear gagging and coughing. Ted was waking up, and he, started breathing, looked up, seen George, Mistress Mist, his family and first-time seen Shakira, who replied that she had rescued him. Ted happily hugged Shakira while sobbing. Shakira tells him that he’s going to okay and can also help.

Through the glowing magical orb, with lighting flashes, Midnight Queen, in her wedding gown, angrily started to lose control of herself when she sees that Ted was been rescued (same reaction of Rasputin from Don Bluth’s Anastasia). She furiously scolds Danno and Junior that she wants to bring Ted to her palace, not killing him, for her wedding. But, Danno and Junior could not help themselves because of losing their jobsites years ago, but Midnight Queen doesn’t even care. She first-time threatens that if Danno and Junior didn’t bring Ted to the palace and not killing him, she will punished them and executed them for life, this scurries frighten Danno and Junior. During the beginning of the sunrise, Ted, sneek out of the cabin while George and everyone else were sleeping, yet again, tries to find the way through the dark woods, avoiding the ice-cracked-frozen river, while saying “not going insanely crazy” to himself.

But after 24 hours of much searching, getting end up dead ends, Ted first-time started to goes claustrophobic out of himself, goes in his underwear and started swinging on vines. When George and Mistress Mist heard Ted laughing manically through the woods, they both went to the woods and they unexpectedly-shockingly see him “like a Wildman”. Mistress Mist, with George, tries to convinced Ted that he had lost his mind and needs to be gain control, but Ted however manically turned away. Then, a crazed-psycho Ted hears and sees his ghost version of himself (Will Ferrell) and encouraging his self who he really is in the inside while sharing the “good time” memories and before fading away, he also mentioned him that he is not going to be lost forever. Finally, after seen the memories, Ted had snapped out, remembering who he is now and begins calming himself down, but before heading back to the cabin, he knowingly realized that he's completely naked (gladly censored by the bushes) and he felt exposed, apologizing to the viewers who are watching. George had managed to find his clothes, but however Shakira, Maggie, Troy, Daphne and Gerald suddenly came out of the cabin and were checking on Ted in the woods, seeing how he was doing. Ted sheepishly smiles at everyone while his cheeks blushed in embarrassed, telling them that he was just cleaning himself up, and he'll be there in a minute.

Meanwhile at Chicago, the other townspeople—including Hal Houston, Tech Andrew and Dr. Naja Kulinda had finished preparing for Ted’s 32nd birthday party ("Preparing for the Party!") with presents, balloons, food, snacks and music all set to go (the location of Ted’s secret favorite place in the city park), and even included Aunt Margaret, Chef Pisghetti, Netti, The Doorman, his sister; Dorothy, Dr. Baker, Bonny Smooth, John; the Indian chief, Mr. & Mrs. QuintQuintuplets and Mr. Glass (which they all got invited to Ted’s birthday party by Troy, Daphne and Gerald) as well to attend.

The next day on the 10th day, George, with Mistress Mist, went outside to the woods to pick fresh blueberries from the bushes for blueberry waffles and pancakes for breakfast, until they curiously came upon a cave, both bravely went inside and discoverly first-time meet a man with a brown Indian Jones uniform; David Shackleford (Ted’s first-time-seen-father/ voiced by James Earl Jones from The Lion King) (who resembles his son Ted) alive! This shockingly surprising George and Mistress Mist. David tells George and Mistress Mist that he’s being hiding in Great Britain for years, since young Ted understandingly thinks that he had passed away in the storm long ago on the beach (as David tells them a true story about Ted’s childhood life). This story heartbroken George and Mistress Mist, and George, felt very sorry about it, wanted to surprise Ted to David during sunset after Mistress Mist mentioned him that Ted is turning 32 on his upcoming birthday. David, feeling so thrilled, was delighted to reunite with Ted again during sunset, so he crawls out of the cave with George and Mistress Mist, who hided David behind the thick, tall trees and ducked in the bushes to surprise Ted later. George winked at David, and he winked at him back.

Meanwhile in the cabin, George had managed to bring a bucket of fresh blueberries to the kitchen and washed them, and Ted and Maggie both started making the batter while dropping tiny bits of rinsed blueberries in the batter, and Ted pours the batter on a frying pan while Maggie pours the batter on the waffle maker. This amazingly delights Troy, Daphne and Gerald. After a good breakfast, Shakira, along with Mistress Mist, encourts Ted, Maggie, George, Troy, Daphne and Gerald to the dance club, where they first-time meet the group of male singers/ band members; O Zone and the Italobrothers, and they started to have a huge dance party with a lot of music, disco ball, showcase lights and colorful, glittered dance floor for everyone to dance to the music (“Mi Ya Ha (Life’s a Party) (duet version)” and “Whenever Whenever (duet version)”), even Ted first-time sings his heart out in front of Troy, Daphne, Gerald, Maggie, Shakira, Mistress Mist and a amazed George.

Later that mid-evening, after the dance party, during sunset, George did promised himself that he had a big surprise for Ted (kindly told by Mistress Mist), and soon, with a sound of George whistling, approaching David, appearing behind a tree, seeing his “young son” Ted again (recognized scene inspired from Disney’s Tangled). After seeing David being alive, dropping his knees to the ground, Ted sobs & whimpers happily and hugged his father (whom started in tears), telling him that he really ever thought that he was gone forever since 5 years ago. David admitted the truth; he was founded, all thanks to George.

While in pajamas, Troy, Daphne, Gerald and Maggie amazingly first-time meet David (knowing that he is also Maggie’s father-in-law and Troy, Daphne & Gerald’s grandfather), and David had made his famous classic treats; s’mores (in honor of Ted’s birthday), and he kindly asked George and his grandchildren to join him by the fire. They all accepted excitedly, and Ted hugged George, telling him that “this is the best huge birthday surprise in my life!”, and he, George and Maggie went following Troy, Daphne, Gerald, Mistress Mist and David to the fireplace.

There, David tells a terrible story about Jennifer Kyle (aka Midnight Queen) and her long lost family; her handsome husband James Kyle and their beautiful daughter; Lily Kyle, who loved each other so much, telling them that she used to be a kind, devoted young woman, and the worst part comes (storm scene inspired from The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning) where Jennifer, and the other people-including young Ted and his parents, are being safe, except James Kyle; whom got stuck between two rocks and was crushed by a giant ocean wave, and of course for Lily Kyle; who was trying to swim back to her mother, but too late and was gone forever. This story frightens Mistress Mist, George, Troy, Daphne, Gerald and Maggie, but also heart-wrenches Ted (who started weeping, wishing that he could have just help her family, but he doesn’t know them since he’s a child, told by David), and David hugged him to calm down.

That night, David and Mistress Mist had both made a giant, huge hang glider for Ted, his family and George to fly through the starry night sky to escape Great Britain and back home to Chicago. While preparing to fly, Ted, George and his family all waved goodbye to Shakira, O Zone and Italobrothers (whom wishes Ted a good luck on his birthday) for the fun time and for the huge help and Maggie, Troy, Daphne and Gerald all hopped aboard on the glitter rainbow hang glider with George, while Ted joins his father David, along with the help of Mistress Mist, right next to him on the glitter golden-yellow hang glider. Soon, they all were flown through the night sky, looking at the view with the lights. This enchantedly surprises Troy, Daphne, Gerald, George and Maggie, while they’re flying back home to Chicago and waving at the Britain people down below along David and Ted (“Dreaming of you”).

After the incredible flight above the sea and finally headed for Chicago, everybody, including Wiseman, Einstein, Pizza, Naja, Andrew, Hal Houston, John, Daisy and Miranda (who is happily reunited with her husband David again), was full of good cheer. They all thanked George for all his bravery and courage during at Great Britain, which George felt blushed. But before celebrating George’s victory, Midnight Queen, Danno and Junior (who had they been following behind) unexpectedly approached from the grayish-blue fog, shocking everyone- including Mr. Bloomsberry, Piccadilly, Tina, Ms. Fisher, Ted, George and his family (“I’m Taking Revenge Myself!”).

Midnight Queen, after amukzied townspeople, including Maggie, Troy, Daphne and Miranda-except Mistress Mist, Ted, George, Gerald and David, again propose to Ted as her husband, but Ted however refused, because he’s already married to Maggie. Furious at her, Ted finds new resolve and, upon removing his necktie and his shirt, starts to sing (“Got the Magic in our Hearts”). Before long, George, Gerald and David join him, and their combined magic creates a golden shockwave that weakens Midnight Queen and severs their spell over everyone-including Junior and Danno (who has not been amukzied), much to Midnight Queen's disbelief. The magic from Mistress Mist builds inside Ted, granting him a power up angelic version. All the citizens then join in, and as Midnight Queen looks on in shock and horror, the magic coalescing in the sky takes the form of a giant male-angelic-Jesus-like-figure with flowing golden hair and rainbow colored crystal wings that destroys her astral projection as well as her crystal pendant, which it shattered into pieces.

With all her dark midnight power sources destroyed, and as the bright light dissipates, the citizens are unamukzied and congregate to the city park. George runs out to Ted, who is lying on the ground. Ted picks up George and hugs him while his son and his father approach to them. Ted, along with George, Gerald and David, notice a large crater in the ground, with Jennifer Kyle—returned to normal—lying at the bottom of it. Ted fierstly tells Jennifer that she will never be able to take over the entire Chicago, was too late to bring her precious daughter back to life and that she has shown everyone who she really is on the inside. Jennifer, reduced to tears, apologizes to everyone for what she had done in years ago. Ted goes on to say that friendship does exists everywhere in around the world, and have learn the true meaning of it ever since 18 years, even about loved one, and exclaiming that Jennifer can either seek it out with the others or forever being punished. Jennifer, climbing out of the crater, explains to Ted that she doesn't know anything about friendship, to which Ted points to George, Gerald and David, pulls her out and said to her that anyone can teach her.

After overhearing Jennifer’s apology and joining Ted, Danno and Junior had secretly gun-shot George (who hears a gun clutching, sacrifice to save Ted/ scene inspired from Disney’s Tarzan), mortally wounding him, this ancient shockedly worries Ted and his family- including Jennifer Kyle (due to her own guilty and took blame to herself). Everyone, seeing George been shot, all chatting angrily, throwing dirt, mud, peddles, rotten food and trash at the shocked and frighten Danno and Junior, and Mr. Bloomsberry and Piccadilly, deeply hurt about George, order the police forcers (who understand a lying mistake about Ted) to arrest them to the Great Britain dungeon.

As Ted finds out that George was truly a good "monkey son" as he lies on the ground, apparently dead from his injuries (told by Dr. Baker), he begins weeping over his loss of his primate friend and sadly whimpers that he loves him with his first kiss to George, just as the full moon approached in the sky (“A Buddy like You (sad reprise)”). Ted, including his family, Jennifer Kyle and the citizens, watches in amazement as George is first-time revived and turned into a human (transformation scene inspired from Disney Classics: Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast), while Mistress Mist revived herself into a human angelic queen (due her real name is Sabrina Evans). Ted curiously studies George very carefully, recognizing him as a young boy, seeing that he still has the same eyes, he says "It is you!", and everyone, once again, was full of good cheer. Queen Sabrina rewards George with a first crystal pendent, as a honor of his bravery and courage, as a token to make him back into a chimpanzee “whatever he wants” (as long he used it wise and well). George understandingly agrees and wraps the cord around his neck, as Ted, hugs George, happily gloats to his family and friends-including Jennifer Kyle, that he "had never had this so much fun during his birthday" ever since he was born, this chuckles Miranda and David. Then, Queen Sabrina waved goodbye to everyone in Chicago-including Ted, George and his family, as she’s heading back to Great Britain (her current homeworld).

Before returning home, Ted and his family quickly notice Mr. Renkins is fighting Calhoun, down below at Jennifer's large crater, and George asks them what’s going on here as Mrs. Renkins and Allie quickly pulled Mr. Renkins away. The Renkins family, including Allie Renkins and the injured Calhoun, surprisingly all recognized George as a human boy, while Ted is standing right next to him with a smile on his face. With a token of a second change as a friend, George kindly handed the last invitation to Calhoun as he got invited to the party, and they both shared a smile ("Will You Be There?").

The next day, finally on the 12th day after the 11th day, Ted, carried along with human George wearing his yellow hat, tells his father David (while walking down the streets) about his adventures he has during his birthday countdown in Great Britain, David then smiles at Ted, who unexpectedly opens the gates of his favorite secret place in the city park. Everyone, including Shakira, the kind prisoners from the dungeon, the forgiven police officers, the forgiven guardsmen and Calhoun who was in a wheelchair, all shouting “surprise!” as they throw colorful confetti in the sky as the balloons floated. This ancient extremely surprises Ted—and even George.

Everyone-including Jennifer Kyle, was getting into the celebration sprirts as they all gathered Ted into the party, with Chef Pisghetti and Netti had baked a tall birthday cake (inspired from Disney’s Frozen Fever), Farmer Dan and Mr. Renkins propping their fruits and vegetables crops, Bonny Smooth jazzing some party music with the help of his niece Carla Smith and of course the Zucchinis doing acrobats above the trees. This delights Ted, as he duets a song with Gerald and the citizens (“Won’t you be my family? (Finale))” and everyone was full of good dancers and of course fireworks in the night sky. One by one, the other kids and their parents join Ted’s 32nd celebration, until the town of New York Chicago gives itself over joyously to a “a fun time, break dancing, and lark of a great time.”

A brief epilogue shows us Chicago transformed—with Jennifer Kyle, who is starting to reform herself, learning about friendship with the help of Mr. Bloomsberry, Piccadilly along with Tina doing new magic tricks for the future circus acts, Gerald and Carla writing new lyrics for the Bonny Smooth Marathon on the radio and future concerts and Ted, along with Maggie, George, Troy, Daphne and his parents, helding his first annual Yellow Fun-time Fan-Club for the other children to enjoy, whom the super-fans of him.

At the end of the movie, before the ending credits roll ("Like Curious George! (pop version)") & ("Turn me on (duet version)"), the story was told, along with the narrator (told by Tony Harvey), both by Troy and Daphne, all grown up, and now married to Daisy and John, has children of their own and they has been telling us their stories, until Ted (now voiced by Greg Page) and Maggie (now voiced by Nicole Oliver), along with Gerald (now voiced by Steve Burns), his wife Carla and George (now voiced by Donovan Patton), paid themselves a visit to see their grandchildren and had their fun time of their lives by telling stories by one another.

Bonus Features

  • How to draw "The Man with the Yellow Hat" Ted (video)
  • Three Curious George Season 9 episodes (choice: George's Photo Finish, Happy Valentine's Day, George! and Curious George's Amazon Adventure)
  • Sing Along Songs
  • Ted's Scrapbook Memories (narrated by Jeff Bennett- the voice of Ted) (video)
  • Music Video: "Like Curious George! (Pop Version)"
  • Games
  • Deleted scenes/ songs
  • Behind the scenes
  • Concept Art Gallery Slideshow w/ Characher Design Gallery
  • original "Like Curious George!" opening scene (animation comparison video)
  • Bloopers (video)
  • Previews


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Romanian


November 29, 2017

DVD Release

December 24-29, 2017


Voice Casts

Other Various (uncredited) Voices

  • Andrea Libman
  • Ashleigh Ball
  • Kathleen Barr
  • Tabitha St. Germain
  • Rebecca Shoichet
  • Cree Summer
  • Mandy Moore
  • Jeff McNeal
  • Tom Kenny
  • Tom Kane
  • Tress MacNeillie
  • Candi Milo



  1. "Like Curious George! (theme song)" by Dr. John
  2. "Won't you be my family?" by Jeff Bennett, Max Charles, Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, Tara Strong and Adam Wylie and chorus
  3. "Remember the Past" by Jeff Bennett (in honor of the late Michael Jackson)
  4. "A Buddy Like You" by Jeff Bennett
  5. "If you're not here (by my side) (Meundo version) " by Jeff Bennett
  6. "Find the Way" by Jeff Bennett, Nicki Bryar, Max Charles, Tara Strong and Adam Wylie (Music:
  7. "Preparing for the Party!" by John Goodman, Alexander Polinsky, Angela Bassett, Brain Doe and chorus
  8. "Mi Ya Ha (Life's is a Party) (duet version)" by O Zone feat. italobrothers-voice vocals by Jeff Bennett
  9. "Whenever Whenever (duet version)" by Sharika feat. Jeff Bennett and chorus
  10.  "Dreaming of you" by Jeff Bennett (in honor of the late Selena)
  11. "I'm Taking Revenge Myself!" by Kamuzi Evans
  12. "Got the Magic in Our Hearts" by Jeff Bennett, Adam Wylie, James Earl Jones and chorus
  13.  "A Buddy Like You (sad reprise)" by Jeff Bennett
  14.  "Will you be there?" by Jeff Bennett, Tajja Isen an chorus (in honor of the late Michael Jackson)
  15.  "Won't you be my family? (finale)" by chorus
  16. "Like Curious George! (pop version)" by Sharika feat. Jeff Bennett, Tajja Isen, Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, Max Charles, Tara Strong, Adam Wylie and chorus 
  17. "Turn me on (duet version)" by Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Adam Wylie, Jeff Bennett, Tara Strong, Max Charles, Tajja Isen and Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

Concept Art


  • In the poster description, it mistaken Brianna Siddell as if-it-hoped-was George's human voice, but in the credits, George's real human voice was actually portrayed by Sarah Silverman.
  • This film took place very long after the episode Monkey Size Me.
  • The re-animation version of "Like Curious George!" theme opening credits was created by Brain Grazer and Ron Howard (creators of Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey).
  • The Song "Won't You Be My Family?" is the same tune of "Won't You Be My Valentine?" (from Happy Valentine's Day, George!).
  • This is the first time Ted freaks out, cries and losing his mind according in the film.
  • Ted never gets angry at George at all, but getting fierst at Jennifer Kyle (aka Midnight Queen) in the film.
  • Troy Dunlop and Daphne Shackleford are very well-behaved children of Ted Shackleford and Maggie Dunlop (who never whines, throw any fits, tantrums or even fighting each other, not even one time, which makes it why Ted is the Luckiest Man with the Yellow Hat). And also, they are the predecessor's characters to take over as the protagonists of the other various characters from the other films, such as Milly and Chilly (taking over from Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July) and Tipo and Chaca (taking over from The Emperor's New Groove& Kronk's New Groove).
  • Gerald Shackleford (acts well-behaved as well) might been a adopted stepson of Ted and Maggie, but he is also a musician and a song writer, and his first singing partner is his stepfather, Ted.
  • In the film, George, who might been 30 years old as a chimpanzee, first-time transforms into a 8 year old young boy (making all the audience and the kids very amazed).
  • Will Ferrell reprise his voice as a ghost-sprirt version of Ted Shackleford (inspired from Curious George (2006 film)), also along with Tara Strong, Jeannie Elias and Donovan Patton.
  • Mary Alexandra Stiefvater will first-time do the voice of Maggie Dunlop in the film.
  • Ted's parents will first-time reveal themselves in the fourth film.

Logo Variations for the distributors

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