Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue! is a upcoming 2017 Curious George movie film that will be released by Universal Pictures, first-time volunteered by Bardel Entertainment and 9 Story Media Group. in the United States and Canada on will soon release in November 29th, 2017 at the height of Curious George's popularity.

It's a prequel to Curious George 3: Back to the JungleCurious George 2: Follow that Monkey! and Curious George.

Curious George 4 A Birthday Rescue Theatrical Release poster

A Theatrical Release poster


The movie begins, after the “Like Curious George!” theme song credits, we see Troy Dunlop (voiced by E.G Daily, singing voice by Max Charles) and his sister Daphne Shackleford (voiced by Tara Strong) were crafting birthday invitations for their father, Ted’s (reprise by Jeff Bennett) 32nd birthday party, with the help of their mother, Maggie Dunlop (reprise by Nicki Bryar) and their stepbrother, Gerald Shackleford (voiced by Adam Wylie), and send every invitations to everyone (friends they known)  in the city-including Martha Rey, Allie, Scarlet Louie, Anna (Farmer Dan’s daughter), Steve, Betsy, Bill, Marco, Daisy Wiseman, Vanessa McCurry, The Donut Family and even their great grand aunt, Great Aunt Sylvia.

Meanwhile, lost on the other side of the city, Piccadilly’s retired head strong serecity, Danno Wolfe (reprise by Jamie Kennedy), after first-time meeting Mr. Bloomsberry’s son, Junior Bloomsberry (reprise by David Cross) and Jennifer Kyle (voiced by Kamuzi Evans), seeks revenge on Ted and George after failing to arrest them and losing his job for life (same goes for Junior, and Jennifer had lost her family long ago). Soon, Junior and Jennifer join Danno on the revengeful plans with their evil grins.

Back at the apartment building, in the restroom, George (reprise by Frank Welker), in a bathtub, glazed at the window while been frown, wondering about Maggie will ever return back to Chicago, while Ted Shackleford, in the shower washing his hair, seeing him, understanding how he felt on the inside.

As Ted, after getting out of the shower, tries to gently soothe him, he accidentally slipped on a bar of soap, causing him to lost balance and fall into the tub with George, and they started a bathtub war fight, laughing. Afterwards, Ted reminds George that he needs to clean and fluffy for his special Family Dinner Movie Night in honor of his special education coming. George agrees.

Later the night, while Ted prepares to make dinner, Troy, Daphne, Gerald and Maggie returned home and the siblings are happy to see George again, and also were excited to have a Family Dinner Movie Night (“Won’t you be my Family?”) with their parents-including with Gerald. Back at the junkyard, while Jennifer transforms herself into Midnight Queen, Danno and Junior called the police to arrest Ted by lying saying that Ted is the one who made them lost their jobs by causing trouble and wants him to be send to Great Britain to the dungeon, and the officers strongly agree to do so tomorrow.

That night before bedtime, Ted asked Troy and Daphne that the movie (The Adventures of the Lost Shrine of Zagawa), dinner and dessert was alright. Troy and Daphne both nodded their heads, and saying that everything looks delicious and “what a great movie!” they had. Ted was glad to see them enjoying themselves, and came by giving them a bottle of drinking water to drink, kissing them and saying Good night.

The next day on the 8th day on the birthday countdown, after breakfast, Ted and Maggie took Troy, George, Gerald and Daphne to the city park to play with the kids, while Ted took George to his secret favorite place to show him how appreciate he felt on the inside. At the fountain at the brick wall park, Troy and Daphne first-time of Ted’s retirement body-build-shaped boss, Mr. Bloomsberry, and he explains to them that their father (Ted) has been the museum director ever since 20 years, and became the legend. This amazes Troy and Daphne, then Ted and George came to the brick wall park, unexpectedly seeing Mr. Bloomsberry again, while taking Troy and Daphne with him back.

Behind the oak tree, Troy and Daphne, giggling at Ted when he was about to kiss Maggie, who is secretly noticing them behind, are being caught by their father, and Ted loses his foot balance and he, Troy and Daphne rolled down the hill, landed on the ground and started laughing.

Soon, a taxi approached and appears Miranda Shackleford (voiced by Jodi Benson), and she and her son Ted are happily reunited each other. She also first-time meets George, her daughter-in-law Maggie and her grandchildren Troy, Daphne and Gerald. Later, Ted shows his mother his job site (the Bloomsberry Museum) and the Global Space Agency, where Maggie is happily first-time greeted by Professor Wiseman, Anthony Pizza, Einstein, Hal Houston, his son John Houston (voiced by Brain Doe from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree), Tech Andrew and Dr. Naja Kulinda. Miranda was very proud at Ted, and Ted wishes that his father was alive to see him in the future (same goes to Miranda).

Later that mid-evening, while George is secretly getting the birthday cake, Ted was arrested and taken away to Great Britian by the misunderstanding police forcers (phone called by Junior and Danno). This ancient worries George, who exclaiming Ted’s family and friends that he has been kidnapped during the birthday countdown, goes on a rescue mission to find Ted and goes in disguise and hood (getting dropped off by Hal Houston on a rescue copter) in Great Britain.

In the dungeon cellar, a scared Ted (while his yellow uniform was been tored) was first-time courted with Danno, Junior and Midnight Queen (which is powered-up Jennifer Kyle, under-covering her name) and threated him that they did not care about his birthday, never seen his family again, and Midnight also threated Ted that he will be forced to marry her to make him her “Midnight King” husband, otherwise he will be executed for life. After shutting the palace gates, Ted freaks himself out, running to the dungeon mattress, (“If You’re not here (by my Side)”), started crying desperately in tears while glazing at the window on the full moon.  

Later that night, George, after getting off Houston’s rescue copter, first-time meets Mistress Mist, the guardian pixie fairy (the fairy reference from The Legend of Zelda) and courts George to the location to the Great Britain dungeon, where he is happily reunited with a joyful Ted and makes a escape to the dark woods from the guardsmen on horses. After the guardsmen unknowingly ran passed them, Ted started to go first-time crying panic attack while claiming about his family and his 32nd birthday. This ancient reaction heart-wrenches George, so he cheers Ted up with first a flick of his nose, then sharing his smile and last giving him a warm hug. Afterwards, George and Mistress encourts calmed Ted to the country-house-like-cabin, where there’s a lot of scrumptious food, a warm fire place and a couch mattress bed to sleep.


Releasing in November 29th, 2017



Other Various Voices

  • Andrea Libman
  • Ashleigh Ball
  • Kathleen Barr
  • Tabitha St. Germain
  • Rebecca Shoichet


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  2. "Won't you be my family?" by Jeff Bennett, Max Charles, Tara Strong and Adam Wylie and chrous
  3. "Remember the Past" by Jeff Bennett (in honor of Michael Jackson)
  4. "A Buddy Like You" by Jeff Bennett
  5. "If you're not here (by my side) (Meundo version)" by Jeff Bennett
  6. "Find the Way" by Jeff Bennett, Nicki Bryar, Max Charles, Tara Strong and Adam Wylie
  7. "Whenever Whenever (duet version)" by Sharika feat. Jeff Bennett and chrous
  8. "Mi Ya Ha (Life's is a Party) (duet version)" by O Zone feat. italobrothers-voice vocals by Jeff Bennett
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  10. "I'll Taking Revenge Myself!" by Kamuzi Evans
  11. "Got the Magic in Our Hearts" by Jeff Bennett, Adam Wylie and James Earl Jones
  12.  "A Buddy Like You (sad reprise)" by Jeff Bennett
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  16. "Turn me on (duet version)" by Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Adam Wylie, Jeff Bennett, Tara Strong, Max Charles, Sarah Sliverman and Nicki Bryar


Years passed after Curious George 3: Back to the JungleTed (The Man with the Yellow Hat) and Maggie Dunlop are happily married and had three well-behaved children: their son, Troy Dunlop, their adopted stepson, Gerald Shackleford andand their youngest daughter, Daphne Shackleford as his first dream family!

At keep Ted away from their secret, Maggie, Troy, Daphne, Gerald and George are planning a surprise 32nd birthday party, but things started to get worry when Ted gets kidnapped away to Great Britain by revengeful Danno Wolfe and Junior Bloomsberry, along with Jennifer Kyle (aka Midnight Queen), and it is up to the brave little George, along with the guardian pixie fairy Mistress Mist, to rescue him, foiling Danno and Junior's cruelty plans and reforming Jennifer before it's too late!

With voice talents of Shakira, Kamuzi Evans, James Earl Jones, Jodi Benson, Carly Rae Jepsen, Greg Page, Steve Burns, Adam Wylie, Donovan Patton, Patrick Warburton and Tony Harvey. New adventurous songs by the voice talenters and much more!

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