Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue! is an upcoming 2017 Curious George movie film that will be released by Universal Pictures in
Curious George 4 DVD Front Cover (design)

2017 DVD cover design

the United States and Canada in November 29, 2017 at the height of Curious George's popularity. It's a prequel to Curious George 3: Back to the JungleFrom the animation creators of My Little Pony the Movie.


The movie begins where we see Troy Dunlop (E.G Daily) and his youngest sister Daphne Shackleford (Tara Strong) were crafting birthday invitations for everyone they known, especially their friends Steve, Betsy, Bill, Allie, Anna, Martha Rey, Vanessa McCurry and Scarlet Louie, of their father's 32nd birthday (which they're planning a surprise party, unbeknownst to their father Ted) with the help of their stepbrother Gerald Shackleford (Adam Wylie) and their mother Maggie Dunlop (reprise by Nicki Bryar). 

Meanwhile in the other side of the city, Piccadilly's headstrong serecity Danno Wolfe (reprise by Jamie Kennedy), after first met of Mr. Bloomsberry's son Junior (who has been punished for framing on George 18 years ago by his elder father/ reprise by David Cross), seeks his revenge after they both been fired from their jobs for 31 years later. Junior joins Danno to the revengeful plan as well with an evil grin.

Back at the apartment room, in the restroom, George (Frank Welker) and Ted (reprise by Jeff Bennett) were both washing themselves up and was planned a special Family Dinner Movie Night for his dream children, his beloved wife and his adopted stepson in honor of his 32nd yeat that evening.

The next day on the eighth day of his birthday 12 day countdown, Ted took his children to the city park, where he shared his memories of meeting their "monkey brother", having an adventurous times of his life, and saying that he is lucky to have a buddy like George. Then aftermath, he, along with Troy and Daphne, was unexpected-surprised happily reunited with his mother/ their grandmother Miranda Shackleford (first-time seen female character/ Jodi Benson) and first met of George and Maggie (her daughter-in-law). Later, Ted showed his mother the Bloomsberry Museum and his office, and then afterwards, he showed her the Global Space Agency building, where a delighted Maggie was first-time greeted by Professor Wiseman, Professor Einstein, Professor Pizza, Hal Houston (reprise by John Goodman), Tech Andrew and Dr. Naja Kunlida (reprise by Angela Bassett).

A little later, while George secretly getting a birthday cake for Ted, he quietly and curiously noticed that the police cars (called by Danno and Junior) are approaching towards Ted, and was suddenly being arrested (while seeing the terrible ancient) and took him on a helicopter far, far away to Great Britain, and this shockly worries George. He chatteringly warned Maggie, Troy, Daphne, Hal, Andrew, Wiseman, Einstein, Pizza, Naja, Miranda and Gerald with his dream girlfriend Carla Smith (voiced by Carly Rae Jepsen) about Ted has been kidnapped during the birthday countdown, and George knew that the only way to bring him back home is to go Great Britain to find him (volunteered by Hal Houston, Andrew and his son John Houston on a rescue copter).

Meanwhile In Great Britain, a scared and tear-brimming Ted (in tored yellow uniform) was thrown in the dungeon by the guards, and soon approaching Danno, Junior and their mistress leader Midnight Queen (aka Jennifer Kyle/ voiced by Kamuzi Evans) outside the door, telling him about Danno and Junior had lost their jobs for life after 31 years. Midnight Queen also threatened Ted that he will never see his family and they even doesn't care about his birthday, this makes Ted heart wrenching.

That night, after George got dropped off, being in disguised, he first meets the guardian pixie fairy Mistress Mist (a fairy inspired from the classic video game The Legend of Zelda), and she guided George to the Great Britain palace and into the dungeon to reunited with Ted and also made a quick escape. Mistress Mist, George and Ted hided themselves in the dark woods from the guardsmen, where Ted started to freak out while first-time crying panicking about never make it back home for his birthday since he is far, far away, and couldn't find his way back, this ancient heart wrenches George. He cheered teary-eyed Ted up with a flick of his nose, with a warm friendship hug, sharing with a smile, and he and Mistress Mist guided him to a large cabin where there's alot of scrumptious food he can eat, a couch bed to sleep and where he is safe. 

Back home in Chicago, Troy, Daphne, Gerald and Maggie were all very worried about George and Ted (even though they'd finished setting up for his birthday), and Maggie decides that they should all go Great Britain to find them, getting dropped off by Professor Wiseman.

In the dark fortress, Midnight Queen discovered that Ted has been escape by George and Mistress Mist through a glowing magical orb, and furiously orders Junior and Danno to get rid of them for life and make Ted her future husband, and her real plan is to hypnotized everyone to make them adore her and bringing her deceased daughter Lilly Kyle back.

The next day on the ninth day, George, Mistress Mist and Ted were having fun in the sunshine like volleyball, dancing with music, swinging on the vines in a nearby woods, and swimming, especially Ted was amazed at the first underwater discovery. Afterwards, during the sunset, Ted, however, misses his family already so badly. Just as Ted was about to go back inside of the cabin with George and Mistress Mist, he heard Troy and Daphne's voices, and seeing them, along with Maggie and Gerald running towards him to reunite with him. Ted and his family were so overjoyed in happy tears to see each other again, and Maggie thanked George with a kiss, and first-met of Mistress Mist, and they all went into the woods to find the way back home.

Once they're crossing the frozen pond in the dark woods, everyone made to the other side, but except for Ted who been fall through the ice, and got his foot tangled up in a vine attenched to a rock and pulled underwater (according to Junior and Danno's plan). Then, a woman in a black hood (voiced by Sharika) appeared and doves in and rescued a almost-drowning Ted up to the surface, and carried him back to the cabin as Mistress Mist, Troy, Daphne, Gerald, George and Maggie followed behind.

Inside, while Maggie is making tea, a woman revealed herself (which is Sharika) and placed an unconscious Ted on a couch bed to give him time to breath. And soon, as his heart beating perfectly, Ted woke up to see his family, Mistress Mist and thanked Sharika for rescuing him, this ancient furiously frustrating Midnight Queen, and deals a frightened Junior and Danno that if they don't bring Ted to her to her fortress, she will crushed them like a pebble. Back in the woods, an anxious Ted still can't find his way back home to Chicago, while trying so hard not to go crazy by repeating himself....but after 25 hours of searching and repeating not to go crazy, an insanely crazed Ted goes naked in his underwear and losing his mind as a frightened George with Mistress Mist arrived. Then, a ghost spirit former-self version of Ted (voiced by Will Ferrell) appeared in front of Ted, trying to make him to snap him out of it and remembered the good times he had. Finally, an embarrassing Ted had snapped himself out back into his original former self again by the time Maggie came by to check up on him.

The next day on a tenth day, George, with Mistress Mist, was picking fresh blueberries from the bushes for Blueberry Pancakes and Waffles for breakfast, until he curiously came upon a cave. He and Mistress bravely goes inside, and first-time met a man with a brown African uniform (voiced by James Earl Jones), and revealed himself that he is David Shackleford, the father of Ted. This amusedly surprised George. To keep his huge surprise after Mistress Mist mentioned him about Ted's birthday is coming, he brings David outside and hided him behind the bushes and waited until sunset.

During that afternoon, Ted, George and


Concept Art


Tony Harvey as The Narrator

Frank Welker as George

Jeff Bennett as Ted Shackleford (The Man with the Yellow Hat), Mr. Renkin, Mr. Quint, James Kyle

Will Ferrell as a ghost-sprirt version Ted Shackleford

Nicki Bryar as Maggie Dunlop

Patrick Warburton as Calhoun

Tim Curry as Piccadilly

Jamie Kennedy as Danno Wolfe

David Cross as Junior Bloomsberry

Kamuzi Evans as Jennifer Kyle (Midnight Queen), Scarlet Louie, Mistress Mist the guardian pixie fairy

Jodi Benson as Miranda Shackleford (Ted's mother), older Maggie Dunlop, adult Daphne Shackleford

James Earl Jones as David Shackleford (Ted's father)

Adam Wylie as Gerald Shackleford

Carly Rae Jepsen as Carla Smith (Gerald's love interest)

Sharkia as herself

Tara Strong as Daphne Shackleford, Daisy Wiseman, Ted Shackleford as a young boy

Ariel Winters as Martha Rey

Grey Delisie as Vanessa McCurry, Lily Kyle, Betsy

E.G Daily as Troy Dunlop, Steve

Max Charles as George (as a human boy)

Greg Page as older Ted Shackleford

Dovothan Patton as adult Troy Dunlop

Steve Burns as adult Gerald Shackleford


Released in November 29th, 2017


Quotes for the characters

  • The Narrator
  • Curious George (chimpanzee and human)
  • Ted Shackleford (The Man with the Yellow Hat)
  • Ghost spirit Ted Shackleford
  • Maggie Dunlop
  • Troy Dunlop
  • Daphne Shackleford
  • Gerald Shackleford
  • Carla Smith
  • Hal Houston
  • John Houston (Hal Houston's son)
  • Tech Andrew
  • Dr. Naja Kunlida
  • Seymour
  • Professor Wiseman
  • Professor Pizza
  • Professor Einstein
  • Bonny Smooth (aka Howling Hound)
  • Mr. Qunit
  • Mrs. Qunit
  • Mr. Renkins
  • Mrs. Renkins
  • Ivan the Doorman
  • Edu
  • Farmer Dan
  • Anna
  • Martha Rey (unseen-real-life animated daughter of H.A Rey and Margret Rey)
  • Mary Jane (in honor of the original Barbie Curious George doll made in 2000)
  • Mistress Mist the Guardian Pixie Fairy (and a human queen)
  • The Doorman (from the TV series)
  • Hundly
  • Steve
  • Betsy
  • Charkie
  • Bill
  • Chef Pisghetti
  • Netti
  • Aunt Margret
  • Great Aunt Svliva
  • Ms. Plushbottom
  • Edu (Ted's African Guide)
  • Daisy Wiseman (Professor Wiseman's daughter)
  • Clovis
  • Sparkie (Clovis' robot dog)
  • Vanessa McCurry (Ms. Plushbottom's granddaughter)
  • Allie Renkin
  • Scarlet Louie
  • Miranda Shackleford (Ted's mother)
  • David Shackleford (Ted's father)
  • Danno Wolfe
  • Junior Bloomsberry
  • Mr. Elder Bloomsberry
  • Piccadilly
  • Tina
  • Kayla
  • Layla
  • Tonga
  • Jennifer Kyle (aka The Midnight Queen)
  • Lily Kyle (Jennifer's deceased daughter)
  • James Kyle (Jennifer's deceased husband)
  • Other Various Townspeople
  • Other Various Children
  • Police Officers
  • Dungeon Guardsmen
  • Prisoners
  • Calhoun
  • Sharika
  • O- Zone
  • The Italo Brothers

Song list for the voice talents/ Soundtrack

  1. "Like Curious George! (Original Theme)" by Dr. John
  2. "Won't you be my Family" by Jeff Bennett, Nicki Bryar, Adam Wylie, E.G Daily & Tara Strong
  3. "Remember the Past" by Jeff Bennett (in honor of Michael Jackson)
  4. "A Buddy like You" by Jeff Bennett
  5. "If I'm not with you (by my side) (meundo version)" by Jeff Bennett
  6. "Ma Ya Hi (Numa Numa/ duet version)" by O Zone feat. italobrothers and Jeff Bennett
  7. "Find the Way" by Tara Strong, E.G Daily, Nicki Bryar, Adam Wylie & Jeff Bennett
  8. "I'm Taking Revenge Myself" by Kamuzi Evans
  9. "Whenever Whenever (duet version)" by Sharika feat. Jeff Bennett
  10. "Got the Magic in Our Hearts" by Jeff Bennett, Adam Wylie & James Earl Jones
  11. "A Buddy like You reprise" by Jeff Bennett
  12. "Won't you be my Family (reprise/ finale)" by choir, Max Charles, Jeff Bennett
  13. "Like Curious George! (pop version)" by Sharika, feat. Jeff Bennett, Max Charles, Kazumi Evans, Nicki Bryar, Tara Strong, E.G Daily, Adam Wylie
  14. "Turn me on (duet version)" by Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Adam Wylie, Nicki Bryar and Jeff Bennett

Language and subtitles

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Bonus Features

  • How to draw Ted "The Man with the Yellow Hat", George as a human boy
  • Deleted scenes & songs (on-screen animation edition)
  • Bloopers
  • Games
  • Three Curious George TV series episodes
  • Music video


  • The Universal Studios and Imagine Entertainment logos appeared on the blue glittering curtains, and George Chitters announced A Birthday Rescue on a handwriting card stock, and the curtains open with a classic harp plays before the original TV series theme song started playing (with new animations).
  • Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue title was been made after the theme song.
  • Maggie Dunlop returns in this fourth film.
  • The voice talents sings brand songs in this film.
  • Actress singer Sharika makes her appearance in this film.
  • Ted is turning 32 years old in the film.
  • The song Won't you be my Family is the same original music to Won't you be my Valentine? from the TV episode "Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George!"
  • Ted recalls himself "The Luckiest Man with the Yellow Hat" when he engaged Maggie and had his dream family of his own for the first time.
  • Troy and Daphne are Ted & Maggie's very well-behaved kids, who never, ever throw any fits or tantrums, not even once. Just using kind manners. (Spoiler characters of Tipo and Chaca from The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Gerald Shackleford is been adopted forever more by Ted & Maggie as their stepson (who used to be Troy & Daphne's formal babysitter).
  • George, might been curious, gets serious and afraid when Ted looses his mind.
  • Ted, first time, starts a crying panic attack (brimming in tears) when he cannot find his way back to Chicago in the Great Britain woods, and became lost.
  • Ted goes insanely crazy himself, while being in his underwear, when he looses his mind when he starts to freak out, while trying to escape Great Britain.
  • Will Ferrell reprise his voice as a ghost-spririt formal vision of Ted in the film.
  • Max Charles lent his voice of a transformed-humanized version of Curious George


Ted Shackleford (The Man in the Yellow Hat) and Maggie Dunlop we're happily married and had three very well-behaved children: their sons, Troy, Gerald (Troy's former babysitter/ oldest stepbrother) and their youngest daughter, Daphne, who was making their father's 32nd dream birthday party perfect, the best-and a surprise! But things started to get worry when an anxious and scared Ted gets kidnapped away to Great Britain by revengeful Danno Wolfe, along with Junior Bloomsberry and their mistress guardian: Midnight Queen, and it is up to brave George, along with Mistress Mist the guardian pixie fairy to save his monkey parent, foil their terrible revengeful plans, and reforming Midnight Queen!

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