"Curious George, Personal Trainer": Curious George and the Man persuade Professor Wiseman to start working out instead of working in the museum all day. The Man signs himself and her up for a marathon to support a trip to Oman. But although she doesn't want to, the professor has 'anonymous donors' forcing her to run in the marathon. Her first day training with George, she gets tired and has to take a cab home. The Man offers to train her, but later breaks his ankle tripping, and George has to step in as personal trainer. He watches a TV show about getting fit and takes notes, and the next day he runs with Professor Wiseman, but she doesn't think running was fun. So George took her to a park carnival, where they rode the Ferris wheel, watched a puppet show and grabbed balloons. The day of the marathon, everything went well, with George and the Man (on crutches) cheering her on. But then she wanted George to run with her to the finish. Afterwards she gave George her medal.

"Sprout Outing": George, Vicky, Vinni, and Bill go Sprout Outing with the Man. Somehow they get lost, and then George finds a man named Dr. Greenbean cutting down branches of a tree, which George is not happy about.

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