"Curious George, Dog Counter": Professor Wiseman is taking George to his first dog show which, to his disappointment, is not a show performed entirely by dogs. But when he gets home, The Man with the Yellow Hat wants to hear about all the dogs but George can only remember three. So he goes back to try to take note of them all and eventually brings them all home where he must find a way to organize them to count them easily.

"Squirrel For a Day": The Man with the Yellow Hat has a predicament. He has to write a tribute speech for Professor Wiseman. Also, the country house cupboards are too small to hold all of their food. Then when Bill tells him how squirrels store food in the ground after seeing Jumpy Squirrel do it, George decides to do the same thing to their food. When the Man finds out, he tells George that squirrels bury nuts, seeds and things that grow. So George decides to plant and grow various objects around the house including the Man's speech which he wants to grow the rest of.