Color Me Monkey Plot

Mr. Glass is looking for something unique for the lobby of his Glass Palace. Mr. Zoobel, George's upstairs neighbor tells Mr. Glass that he knows of a painter named Soo Berm who lives at the zoo. But it turns out Soo Berm's not a person, she's an elephant! She makes paintings with her trunk & gives them her signature trunk print when she is done. Mr. Glass buys 1 of her paintings & brings it back to the Glass Palace but Charkie accidentally rips it. George has to get a replacement painting but it turns out that every painting Soo Berm makes is unique & 1-of-a-kind. This leaves George to make his own copy of the painting. The only problem's that the painting has colors like green & lavender & all George has are red, white, blue, yellow, & black.

Color Me Monkey Gallery

Special Delivery Monkey Plot

George & The Man are playing George's favorite game after an afternoon lunch at Pisghetti's, but George seems to be confused with how to count. The Man keeps reminding him that when you count, you don't count from where you start & you must count on. Meanwhile, Chef Pisghetti has gone off for a special presentation but has forgotten his pie. So Netti assign George to deliver it to him, giving him specific directions how to get to him. Unfortunately, George forgets what The Man tells him & gets lost, getting off on bus stop earlier than when he was supposed to & not being able to find the building where the chef's located.

Special Delivery Monkey Gallery


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