• TheAmazingCrafter

    Please take a look at our wiki! It's filled with astronomy facts, and need new and active members to join!

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  • Golfpecks256


    December 28, 2017 by Golfpecks256


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  • Lord of all beasts

    Hello fans of curious george and I have this to say,curious george has jumped the shark!! For those who don't know what jump the shark is,here is an explaination

    Refers to the specific moment when a TV show goes downhill. From the Happy Days episode where Fonzie overcomes his fear of sharks by jumping over one while wearing water skis. Okay you already know why my favorite monkey has jumped the shark oh ,and there are no sharks involved in this either

    Its the episode titled jungle gym is why this show jumped the shark and don't go throwing things at me either

    George sees a cricket at the annual country gymnastics competition he decides to follow it across the gymnastics obstacles because, being a monkey, he's very good at jumping & swinging. …

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  • SavagePanda845

    New Admin Rule

    August 27, 2016 by SavagePanda845

    Just to be clear: This rule was made to get rid of the inactive admins. If you are active, you may stay admin.

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  • Jesusacosta3050

    Friend list

    May 31, 2016 by Jesusacosta3050


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  • Jesusacosta3050

    how are you doing today tim

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  • Jesusacosta3050

    Jesus Acosta

    March 16, 2016 by Jesusacosta3050

    Abdullahi95 how do you like curious george wiki?

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  • Erik.wallace.395

    Never thought I would make a post on February 29, 2016. But, I am. Now, on to what I have to say.

    I think we need more people working on the Wikia. Only 9 people have worked on the Wikia so far.

    Comment down below if we need more people here. I'll be back on tomorrow for another blog update.

    Happy Leap Day 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Erik.wallace.395

    Curious George Movie Outtakes By: Gotham317

    I remember finding this 1 month ago. Enjoy

    Curious George Movie Outtakes

    Here's the link because it wont let me copy & paste:

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  • Erik.wallace.395

    Does anyone know when Season 10 will air?

    When it does air, I wanto see George Looking like that. (See pic to the right.) Also, if anyone has a FaceBook, please send these photos I drew on the paint icon on my laptop to the Curious George FaceBook Page. I would do it, but the last time I ask a question to the CG FaceBook Page, they declined it. Just ask in the comments what it was. And comment below if you know when Season 10 will come out. Thanks for reading!!

    P.S.: If U like the photos, comment down below. Thanks!!

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  • ManWithTheBrassRing

    Need Active Admin

    November 23, 2013 by ManWithTheBrassRing

    Hi everyone,

    Our only admin on the Curious George wiki hasn't been active for 4 years.  There is a lot of vandalizing going on.  We need an admin, or better yet, several admins who will periodically monitor the traffic on the wiki.

    I would like to adopt this wiki and become one of the admins.  Does anyone oppose? 


    ManWithTheBrassRing (talk) 12:25, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

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