William "Bill" Nenninger is George's next-door neighbor in the Country.


Bill's a character that's a good friend to George. He calls George a "city kid". He also comes to the conclusion that George doesn't know something, because he's a "city kid". He's a brainy kid who seems to know a "proper" way of doing things. He's raising bunnies; 1 who's called Herbert Nenninger, who he named him after his great uncle. He's a paperboy. He sings doo-wops under a street light. This scares the town they believe this is the ghost of the aisle of Gaza!


  • Bill makes his 1st cameo appearance in Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey
  • He's not named in Curious George Rides a Bike, but in the TV Series version he's named.
  • In the books, he's good friends with Betsy.
  • He always has a "proper" way to do things, even the simplest things like pick out a Christmas tree. (A Very Monkey Christmas)
  • He works seasonally for the Renkins.
  • He's a paperboy.
  • In the episode, "School Of Dance", it has been revealed that he can't dance at Allie's party & gets a sad idea to move away.
  • In the book series, he & Betsy are siblings, in the TV series, they only meet after he saves her brother from a moose attack. (Chasing Rainbows)
  • His bunny, Herbert Nenninger, is named after Bill's great great uncle. (Halloween Boo Fest)
  • Bill thinks George's a city kid, not a monkey, so he expects all kids to be similar.
  • He thinks the lake creature is real.